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Taylor finds Ryan at the diner and is very breathless, all, "Oh my God, move over." He hesitates and she tells him sitting together at a table doesn't make them girlfriend and boyfriend any more than snuggling into bed with Seth every night makes them girlfriend and boyfriend. Ryan tells her about Kirsten and Jimmy, which she agrees is big, but says she can beat it: "Sandy's married to Julie and she's having an affair with Che." Ryan is like, "So now we have to get Sandy and Kirsten back together too," but Taylor's not done. "Something else. In this world, Marissa's alive." His face goes wild and very still. She starts talking about how everybody involved is going to Kirsten's Christmas party, but he so doesn't care. "Let me out?" She asks if he's leaving the booth to go to the bathroom, noting that in alt-world that's not something she's needed to do. But she knows he really wants to get to the airport. "She won't even know you," Taylor half-heartedly protests, knowing she's already done, and he's like, "Doesn't matter." Taylor is happy that Marissa's fine in this world, but points out that task number one is still to fix what's broken. However, Ryan mumbles and she completes for him, if Marissa's alive in this world he wouldn't want to go back anyway. She takes a second to deal with this, and soldiers up quick. "Okay, I get it. You gotta go." She stands up to let him out, and he looks at her. He stands up and apologizes and she nods. Alt-world sucks.

Julie whines to Kaitlin about how she doesn't want to drive to Riverside in this rain, and then catches her putting a bottle of white in the cooler with their snacks and holiday food. "No, honey, my family drinks wine coolers." Kaitlin says it's turning out to be a very Britney Christmas, and Julie threatens to drive to Riverside with Kaitlin on her lap. Summer appears and tells them about how Ryan and Taylor are in a coma, but not the real kind; Kaitlin calls it "Coma Lite." Julie remembers how Veronica's going to Cabo, and worries about it, but Kaitlin knows better than that. "Like Veronica's going to care if her daughter's in a bogus coma," she says. I love her voice. Julie plays the mom card about how a mother would want to know, and Summer offers to drive. Julie claims Taylor as her responsibility; Kaitlin's just happy they're not going to Riverside. "Sweet!" she says, and Julie gives her a look. "I mean, I... hate comas."

Kirsten mopes around the hospital. A cute nurse brings her the Marissa letter and tells her it's natural to worry, and then starts hurling anvils left and right with abandon. "A lot depends on the patients healing themselves, mentally and physically. When they finish whatever they need to finish, they'll wake up." And I say this as a lover of this show and especially this season: was that really frigging necessary? Kirsten thanks her and looks at the Marissa letter and begins to slowly wig out.

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