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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

Elsewhere in the country club restaurant, a man carries many, many shopping bags filled with food. He turns out to be Holly's father, and his name is Greg Fisher. Jimmy enters, and is conveniently just who Greg wanted to see! Jimmy looks at the bags and notices that "somebody's havin' a party." Greg proudly explains that Holly is hosting "this thing" for the debs out at the beach house. Jimmy remembers this because Marissa is going; he then approaches the register for his meal pick-up, but he's not rid of Greg yet. Greg sends Holly out to the car and follows Jimmy, asking why he hasn't heard back from Jimmy yet -- didn't he get his messages? Jimmy responds that work has been crazy, and asks what's been going on with Greg. Greg explains that he was asked to invest in a commercial real estate property, which he thinks could be a nice second income -- it might, he jokes, turn out to be their only income with the way the pharmaceutical industry is going. Jimmy is visibly uncomfortable as he claims that it sounds promising. Greg continues that he'll have to pull $250,000 out of the investment account. Jimmy takes this in, and asks whether Greg is sure he wants to do that with the market about to turn around. Then, the credit card machine beeps -- Jimmy's been declined! He lies that it's a new card and that he forgot to activate it, while Greg looks on, his face not yet registering any particular concern. The hostess asks whether Jimmy wants to use another card, and Jimmy is saved further embarrassment in front of Greg by Holly's timely interruption -- she whines that she's going to be late to her own party. So Greg exits, but not before telling Jimmy that he'll call him tomorrow with the details, and asking him just to bring the check to the Cotillion. He tells Jimmy to enjoy his meal, which, it turns out, Jimmy will pay for with cash.

Partay! And does no one else's parents in Newport have a beach house? Ryan and Seth enter, still in their rehearsal clothes, while everyone else has changed into swimsuits and beach attire. Okay, we get it, they're outsiders. Seth tells Ryan to give him ten minutes to "find Summer and lock it down for tomorrow." Ryan urges him to be quick, but Seth tells him not to wait up.

Outside on the deck, Holly barbecues in her bikini, and I can't imagine that's very comfortable. Summer begs Holly to trade -- presumably, and this is momentarily confirmed, they're speaking of escorts -- offering up various booty, including eleven dollars. Holly says she's sorry, but she doesn't want to make a trade, just as Seth walks up. And is anyone else getting a Donna Martin vibe from Holly? Both in character and in the "who is that 'actress' related to?" sense? Seth asks her about Cotillion, and Summer snaps, "What did I say about talking to me?" He stutters that he just wanted to make sure they were still on, and she snits, "I guess!" Seth, whipped though he is, doesn't take that much crap from anyone and says, "Could you even pretend to be a little bit stoked?" She stares at him silently in response, and then in the best line ever uttered on television, Seth turns to Holly and says, "Wow! You're a really good barbecutionist!"

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