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Meanwhile at the Big House, we get another car-pulling-into-driveway shot. The cameraman exclusively assigned to providing these critical plot aids has branched out this time, employing a different, close-up angle of the driveway. We see that the car contains Sandy, back from surfing and unloading his car in a particularly inefficient way -- cutting a six-foot swath around the car while walking from the driver's-side door toward the trunk, and then pulling out each small item one at a time, carrying it to the curb, depositing it there, and returning for the next item. It's strange. Jimmy appears, and small-talks that Sandy got some surfing in. Sandy explains that he's taking advantage of a late court date, and Jimmy moans, "I used to have hobbies." Because he's so much busier than Sandy is, what with his illegitimate business ventures and all. Jimmy then gets to the point, apologizing to Sandy for approaching Kirsten for the loan; he knows Sandy isn't "thrilled" with Jimmy, and that Jimmy should have asked Sandy directly. ["Why? They aren't friends, and it isn't Sandy's money. Shut up, Jimmy." -- Wing Chun] He claims he wasn't going behind Sandy's back, and Sandy generously responds, "Look, it's done. Let's move on." Jimmy adds that he was afraid of what Sandy would think of him, claiming that losing such a large amount of money is not "an impressive accomplishment." After a brief pause, Sandy perfectly delivers the line, "How much money'd you lose?" Jimmy laughs the question off, claiming that it's not important. After another brief pause, Sandy even more perfectly delivers the follow-up line, "How'd you lose it?" Hee. Jimmy ignores this completely, rushing to say that the important thing is that he doesn't know what he and Julie would do without friends like the Cohens. He attempts to wrap up the conversation by extending his hand, but Sandy is obviously not appeased, and questions whether everything is okay. Jimmy laughingly insists that everything is fine, and leaves. The eyebrows are suspicious.

Back at the country club, a man shows Ryan racks of Gucci, Armani, and Versace tuxes. And rich though these boys may be, I still don't see them caring that much about the labels on their tuxedos. In the background, girls paw through racks of ugly white dresses. And what are these, rentals? Wouldn't they go shopping for their dresses? It seems very non-elite to me. Plus, those dresses are looking more Hot Topic than haute couture. Conveniently, Marissa is picking up her dress, and she and Ryan "hey" each other. In response, perhaps, to the director instructing her to convey her confusion by bugging out her eyes, Marissa does so, and then asks what Ryan's doing there; he jokes that he "had an appointment with [his] personal shopper." She recalls that he was supposed to leave with his mother, and he explains that it didn't work out, so he's now "kinda living with the Cohens." Marissa excitedly asks, "For good?" and he asks whether that's going to be a problem. Marissa insists that it's great news, adding, "I guess now we can be friends, right?" Because if Ryan were going to be living in Chino, a friendship was most certainly out of the question.

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