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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

Luke approaches with Summer, who is complaining that her gloves are giving her "serious sausage arms." Luke possessively puts an arm around Marissa and asks what Ryan is doing there -- wasn't he going back to Chino? Luke manages to convey a whole lot of snobbery in the two syllables it takes him to say "Chino." Substitute in the way a normal person might say "pedophile" or "genocide." Marissa explains that Ryan is now living in Newport, and Summer's head swings around in interest. Luke's all, "He's what?" As Ryan insists that he's not there to cause any problems, Kirsten comes onto the scene, checking in to see if everything is okay. Luke agrees that it is, and then leaves to wait in the truck for Marissa. Since Marissa is "lead deb," Kirsten wants to introduce her to "a couple of White Knights." She says this so proudly -- it's cute. She calls Seth over and then further explains that Ryan and Seth are there in case one of the girls needs a last-minute escort. Summer looks Ryan over and flirts, "Every girl needs a White Knight." Seth approaches just in time to hear her comment and introduces himself, "Seth Cohen, White Knight." Hee. But Summer ignores him, looking directly at Ryan and asking whether he'll be at the rehearsal. Seth misses the non-subtleties of Summer's advances toward Ryan and enthusiastically responds, "Yes, absolutely!" The girls flounce off together as Seth enthuses, "Cotillion rawwwks!"

In the dressing room, Summer shows off another bra, and holds a dress up to herself in the mirror. We join the girls mid-conversation, as Marissa incredulously asks whether Summer really wants to be fixed up with Ryan; didn't Summer says he was a "total psycho"? Summer claims she did so before getting to know Ryan. Marissa asks when she got to know him, and Summer laughs, "Just now." Summer claims that she's into "that whole brooding bad-boy thing," adding, "He's wounded. I can save him." To her credit, she does deliver these lines with a degree of mocking self-awareness. Marissa points out that Ryan and Summer have never even talked, and claims that Ryan isn't even really a bad boy. Summer's all, "Not by the time I get through with him." Summer then asks whether Marissa is into Ryan, because isn't she with Luke? Marissa insists that she is indeed with Luke, and attempts to laugh off Summer's suggestion.

We're now at Sandy's office, where Steve Pearlman shows up, introducing himself as a member of the "S.E.C. Enforcement Division." Sandy rises and betrays no emotion: "Okay." Steve Pearlman hopes that Sandy can help him out with a case he's investigating, and Sandy agrees. Steve asks whether Sandy is aware that a check Kirsten made out to Jimmy was not treated as an investment, but instead directly deposited into Jimmy's personal account. And isn't it a good thing Lady Heather dropped this bomb last week, given how much more difficult it would have been for Sandy to extricate himself from this particular circumstance? Sandy quickly responds that the $100,000 was a loan not an investment, and Kirsten and Jimmy are "old --" He cuts himself off to ask what this is all about, and Pearlman asks whether Sandy is aware that Mr. Cooper is currently the subject of an S.E.C. fraud investigation. D'oh! Sandy whispers "No," and then more emphatically proclaims, "No, I didn't."

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