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Fisticuffs and Wristicuffs

Kirsten enters the Big House, conspicuously bearing a Victoria's Secret bag. If Seth's ashamed of his mother even saying the word "underpants," the presence of the pink and white striped bag must make him especially uncomfortable. Ryan and Seth follow, Seth joking that white gloves are "ready for a comeback." In the kitchen, Sandy pours two glasses of wine, and Kirsten asks what he's doing home. Sandy cryptically responds by asking the boys to leave. Seth's all, "If this is about the vase --" and Sandy's all, "Which vase?" The boys leave. Kirsten asks what's going on, and Sandy pushes the glass of wine to her.

In the pool house, Ryan throws his tux on the bed and announces to Seth that he isn't going to Cotillion. Seth responds, "Yeah. Okay. Except that you are." Hee. Ryan recalls his promise to the Cohens, and Seth asks what kind of trouble he can get into at a debutante ball. Ryan doesn't know, but suggests that Seth pose that question to Luke. Seth slowly explains that they're White Knights, which means that Marissa has some "sad, lonely girl all lined up" for Ryan to escort, and that Ryan can't just cancel at the last minute. He concludes, "That's a faux pas, buddy." Sigh. All that goodness and he speaks French. Ryan pensively lowers himself to sit on the bed, and slowly asks whether Seth will call Marissa. It obviously takes a lot for Ryan to request Seth's help, but Seth refuses anyway, because if Ryan wants to bail on Marissa and "some, like, poor, pathetic, dateless girl," he'll have to do it himself.

Back in the Big House, Kirsten looks shocked, and we see that Sandy has already broken the news to her about Jimmy's situation. She asks whether Sandy is sure, and he explains that, according to the S.E.C., Jimmy has been "siphoning" money out of his clients' accounts in order to cover his own debts. Kirsten's face flushes as she sits down, sadly asking how they couldn't know something like that about Jimmy. Sandy is less with the sad and more with the angry, raging that they trusted Jimmy -- everyone did! He claims that the entire community "wrote him blank checks without asking any questions." And Jimmy's poor business judgments aside, such cavalier attitudes don't exactly reflect well on the check writers. Regardless, Kirsten once again insists that the $100,000 check was just a loan, and Sandy reveals that this apparently makes them worth investigating, as well. Kirsten is sickened and puts her head in her hands as Sandy starts dialing the phone; they have to call their friends and let them know. Kirsten's head snaps up; she implores Sandy to wait to make that call because people will panic. Sandy orders her to "put [her] personal feelings for this guy aside -- forget [their] history," but Kirsten insists that Jimmy's one of her oldest friends, and if what the S.E.C. says is true, she needs to hear it directly from Jimmy. A centerpiece composed entirely of lemons and limes jutting out in assorted positions looms behind Kirsten's head.

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