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In the sweat lodge, Bright plays a drum while Seth does a chant and looks pretty out of it. He says he feels like he "sharing a sauna with the Blue Man Group," although I'm pretty sure that would at least involve marshmallows and be more entertaining, so, not really, Seth. "You're in the spirit world, man!" Bright says. "Spirit World" is apparently what the college kids are calling "totally tripping" these days. "This is the very last part of your journey," Bright says. "Ryan likes Journey," Seth mutters. Hee. That almost redeemed this scene for me.

We get to see inside of Seth's berry-addled mind. He walks through the CoHouse calling out for his parents or Ryan. No one's there, but something is making noise. He heads for his bedroom, where he finds the fake-looking backyard set. Something is swimming in the pool. I thought it was a little seal, but it's actually an otter. It's really cute. Seth and the otter have a conversation, which is also cute. Seth says he can help the otter feel better and get back with his otter friends. And then the dream/fantasy/trip ends and Seth is back at the sweat lodge. He rouses Bright from whatever spirit animal journey thing he was on and tells him he healed his spirit animal and can go home to Summer. Okay, whatever. I'm just going to go with it and hope it's over soon. Even the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Chakotay did almost the same thing with Janeway was better than this. Although that was mostly because her spirit animal turned out to be a lizard and she was so pissed to get such a sucky one. Seth tells Bright that his spirit animal was an otter that was "so cute." Bright finds that very interesting.

And Henri finishes his poetry reading to much applause from the several female attendees, some of whom are even wiping tears from their eyes. One of them mutters to Taylor that she would give "anything" to have a man write a poem like that for her. All Taylor had to give up was her dignity and my like for her, so I'm sure you've got a chance, Random Lady! Ryan's at the reading, too, and announces that it is not over yet. He whips a piece of paper out of his pocket while fun duel-y music plays. "I have a poem, too," he says. He doesn't have a sexy French accent, though.

And Julie Cooper's doing commercials for National Mentoring Month. Stay tuned for next month, when C.O. Bellick tells us about the importance of Black History Month!

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