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After the break, the book store lady tries to kick Ryan off stage, but Henri wants to hear what "the boy has to say." While Taylor stands in the Michael Crichton section and bites her nails, Ryan begins. And then stops in the middle of, saying he can't do it. But Taylor grabs the poem from him and reads the rest of it. Here it is, in its entirety:

"L__e Poem for Taylor"

by Ryan Atwood

A sonnet, I don't know how to write.

A haiku -- five, seven, five -- seems too tight.

Then there are three little words I'm not able to say,

but Taylor, this is what I can tell you today:

though I can't say those words to you tonight,

please stick with me, 'cause I feel someday I might.

The audience "aw's" and even the evil book store lady has to admit it's "not too bad." She looks around for Henri, who's supposed to sign copies of his book, but he's gone. Ryan apologizes to Taylor for not being able to write a poem as good as Henri, but he wanted her to know how he felt. Taylor says she loved the poem, but now she needs to go find Henri. Bye!

Julie and Kirsten stop by the Yacht Club for dinner, where they meet Spencer, who is an idiot. Turns out he's not in Mexico after all. Julie put him up to lying to Kirsten about the Chlamydia so that Julie and Kirsten would have a chance to hang out. And with that, he decides to leave. Kirsten takes a seat at the bar, but no one finds that alarming since Kirsten's alcoholism was so two years ago. Julie apologizes, but says she couldn't think of any other way to spend time with Kirsten and convince her to forgive her for lying and scheming behind her back, other than lying and scheming behind her back. And, she adds, those women they told about the Chlamydia may well have it, plus they're mean and deserve the scare. Way to set Kirsten up for having to tell "the five meanest women in Newport" that her clients might have given them the clap. That should be enough right there for Kirsten to never want to speak to Julie again. But no, she just insists that Julie call the women back up tomorrow and tell them they don't have an STD after all. But I guess it's okay to let them worry about it overnight. Julie asks if she can please not tell Linda, who apparently deserves a little pain in her life.

Kaitlin tracks Lucy down in the bathroom. Of course, Lucy is crying over losing ChrisBrown. Kaitlin shows a surprising softer side and says she's sorry that ChrisBrown doesn't like Lucy the way Lucy likes him, but that's no reason for Lucy to hate Kaitlin. Lucy says ChrisBrown is the most wonderful, sensitive, sweet guy who ever lived, and Kaitlin doesn't even appreciate him. Kaitlin says she does appreciate ChrisBrown, especially his hotness and kissing abilities. Lucy points out that Kaitlin makes fun of all the things that make ChrisBrown the way he is: band, bake sales, band geek friends, etc. "That's what I do. I mean, I make fun of everyone. Usually 'cause I'm high," Kaitlin says. Dude, when and how did Kaitlin become my favorite person on this show? I thought she was going to suck so bad when I heard she was joining the cast for this season, but she's been great. So was Taylor until she pulled this little stunt. "You make him not want to be himself," Lucy accuses. That hits a little too close to home for Kaitlin, who turns cold and tells Lucy to shut up. Lucy should shut up, too. Kaitlin was trying to be nice. And Lucy started it. It sucks when your crush likes someone else, Lucy, but deal with it like everyone else in your school has to. Including Kaitlin, actually. And her crush liked her mother over her, which has got to be worse. Kaitlin returns to the bake sale and watches ChrisBrown laughing with his band geek friends and apparently proving Lucy right. Whatever; it's not Kaitlin's fault if ChrisBrown changes his personality just to suit his girlfriend.

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