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Ryan has waited until the next day to finally stop by the Four Seasons. He shows up with a Quik-E-Mart bear in hand, but Henri answers the door. Ryan hastily hides the gift behind his back as Henri tells Ryan that if he's here to beat him up, he should know that his family is hemophilic, so he "will bleed." Because everyone in Europe who is distantly related to a royal family has hemophilia. Ryan says he's only here to see Taylor, but Henri says she's out shopping for furniture for their new love nest, which they'll be moving into on Monday. Ryan tells him to tell her that he stopped by, and then Henri notices the bear behind Ryan's back. He coos over the stuffed bear and the gummy bears it's holding, and Ryan feels like an ass. He should; that bear is holding a balloon that says "thanks" on one side and "you're appreciated" on the other. You're supposed to give that kind of thing to the secretary you don't really like on National Secretary's Day, not to the girl you're trying to win back. Henri grabs it and promises to give it to Taylor, even though it is a "tad juvenile." It even inspires Henri to write a poem! Here's hoping Henri decides to make like Sylvia Plath and sticks his head in the oven.

Spencer calls into NewMatch looking for Julie. He's shot at a weird low angle so we can't see where he's calling from but we get a great view of the inside of his nose and the sky above him. Kirsten's all annoyed, even though you know she hasn't had anything else to do all day so you'd think she'd at least be grateful for the distraction. She tells Spencer to call Julie at her home, but Spencer says he can't because he's in Mexico and about to get on a boat. I'm not sure why that means he can't call Julie, but whatever. He says they have a problem: one of the man-whores got Chlamydia. They'll have to call all of his clients and tell them to be on the look-out for Chlamydia symptoms, which you can look up for yourselves if you're that curious. I would think that people sleeping with man-whores would take it upon themselves to use protection and get STD tests semi-regularly anyway. And surely NewMatch made them sign some kind of waiver releasing NewMatch from any responsibility for diseases caught during the rendering of services. Kirsten freaks and says that Spencer and Julie will have to sort this out themselves, but Spencer points out that he's out of the country and Julie is fired, so it's just Kirsten's problem now. She can get the list from Julie.

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