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Summer's on the phone with Taylor, begging her to visit the Roberts house because Summer's cooking dinner for her. Taylor finally agrees to it after Summer tells her that she made a brisket that was "delightful," and Summer hangs up. We then see that Ryan's in the room with her, and there is no dinner: Ryan just needed a way to talk to Taylor without Henri so he could "tell her how [he] feel[s]." And he couldn't do that by calling her himself and inviting her over? Whatever. Summer doubts Ryan will express anything, reminding him that that's not exactly his forte. He says he doesn't have a choice if he wants to get Taylor back, even though he really doesn't owe her anything since she's the one who hurt him by lying about him to Henri-Michel. She gives Ryan some advice for what to do when he sees Taylor, even accompanying it with a physical demonstration: "do not choke!" I guess the sight of Summer wrapping her hands around Ryan's neck while he struggles to breathe is supposed to be funny.

Seth and Bright's hike of Deliverance continues. Seth whines and wants to go home, but Bright informs him that he has other plans: Seth's spirit animal is sick, and they'll need to spend the night in the woods to heal it. Bright picks out a "sacred spot" and starts going to work building a sweat lodge. Seth protests, but he doesn't have a choice: the car is too far away to get back to before night falls. Upon hearing this, Seth slaps Bright across the face. Way to get your masculinity back, Seth. That was, like, the most girly slap ever. Bright just grins maniacally and tells Seth to get some willow branches. "I brought hides!" he proudly proclaims.

Taylor arrives at the Roberts house, only to find Ryan there. He tells her that Summer lied to get her here so he could apologize to her. Taylor is not in a forgiving mood, which is fine because I'm not sure what Ryan's supposed to apologize to her for. She has a couple suggestions: "abandoning [her] on the set of a French talk show" and not returning her phone calls. She says he hurt her and doesn't know why he couldn't have just "had faith" in them. Well, he did, Taylor. Until he found out that you lied about him to Henri because you apparently didn't have any in him. Ryan keeps on, though, saying that what they feel for each other is more important than what they may or may not have in common. Taylor asks him what, exactly, he feels for her. Uh oh. "I... " Ryan says. That's the best he can do. Taylor says the stuffed bear was more expressive and that Henri-Michel is reading a poem at the bookstore tomorrow all about how much he loves her. "And it's long," she says. But is it thick? Because that's equally -- some would say even more -- important. She leaves, and Ryan looks sad. I think. But he shouldn't. He's obviously dodged a real bullet here. Taylor can't accept him for who he is. Someone else will.

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