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No, it isn't. Taylor rushes back to the hotel room and desperately searches the wastebasket for Ryan's bear. Henri's there, of course, and he asks Taylor if she wants the bear or the guy who gave it to her. "I want to be with somebody who really wants to be with me. And who's not afraid to say it," she answers. Desperate-to-French-to-English translation: Henri, she doesn't love you. She just loves the fact that you love her. That's not enough.

Bright heats some rocks to put in the sweat lodge. Seth says he isn't feeling hungry anymore since he found and ate some berries. Bright chuckles at this in a most ominous fashion. You know who isn't laughing? Me.

Bake Sale. Kaitlin shows up to find ChrisBrown regaling Lucy and her gang with a story about how he lost his drumsticks once but was able to use chopsticks in a pinch. And for the rest of the year, everyone wondered why the snare drum smelled like Kung Pao chicken. Kaitlin sends ChrisBrown off to get her a soda so she can have a little chat with Lucy. ChrisBrown senses nothing amiss about this and leaves. Kaitlin tells Lucy that she's only here to piss Lucy off while Lucy's gang surrounds Kaitlin. "You're in our world now!" they threaten. Kaitlin asks what their world is besides girls wearing gross polyester uniforms with lame hats. ChrisBrown returns and asks if something's wrong. Lucy takes that opportunity to tattle to him about how Kaitlin was making fun of their uniforms. ChrisBrown has no choice but to side with Kaitlin, since she lets him feel her up. He says that their uniform hats are kind of lame, and Lucy suddenly has to go to the bathroom. I don't know what she's so upset about: band uniforms are lame. Always. It doesn't mean you don't like band. I was in high school band (for one year and then I got cool, okay?) and we had to wear hats with a big red feather that was so crappy and cheap that you had to take it out of the hat anytime it rained because it would leak red dye when it got wet and you'd ruin your hat. Also, we weren't allowed to take any part of our uniforms off at any time (even on the bus ride home!) or cover them with a jacket. Instead, we had to sit there for an entire three-hour football game in the middle of winter and freeze to freaking death, or else get a demerit. You also got demerits if you were absent from class, even if that absence was because you were legitimately sick. Wow, band was like the worst thing ever. I'm so glad I quit and took that ceramics class instead, where you'd get an A+ for making a pipe. I could raise my GPA AND get high!

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