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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Will: "Yeah, I guess convicts call it 'short time.'"
Peter: "Oh, man. I was all set to be the asshole this time."
Will: "Yeah, now I feel like a douche."

The doors open on Alicia, of course, standing there with a hilarious look on her face as they stare out at her with equally hilarious faces.

Alicia: "Oh, shit!"
Will: "Yeah, look who I found!"
Alicia: "I was going to meet you..."
Peter: "Which one of us?"
Alicia: "Gross. Hey, wanna see my office?"
Will: "What's up, Eli!"

The four of them in this marriage, each kind of reveling in the awkwardness to their own degree, stand around staring at each other like, "You can call it a commune, I just call it Love! American Style!" Eli can't admit that he knows they're split up, Will very much cannot go there, so even though all of them are aware, Alicia still has to be like, "You know my husband, Peter? Well, I was just going to take him over to my office. Where I practice the law. And whatever." I sure hope a fifth person doesn't...

Oh, it's Cary Agos! Oh no! So then he awkwardly shifts file boxes around to shake Peter's hands, having just effectively cheated on him with -- and then left him for -- Alicia's firm, no hard feelings, and Eli... I get the sense Eli's still not clear on who he is, and you got Will who just gets so grumpy whenever Cary's lovely face is on the same floor as him, and Peter's still somehow got that statesman gravitas thing happening in the middle of this shitstorm. Which I admire as much as it pisses me off. A baby goes sailing through the trainwreck, Will cracks a joke, nobody laughs... And Kalinda appears. Thank God.


Peter loves her office, but has to get deposed. She swears it's a nuisance suit and he laughs, but when he asks her to dinner at the house, she gets him to stop pretty easily. He ignores her warnings about Jackie's possible real problems, and he congratulates her a few more times on finally "making it," which... Yeah, thanks for cheating on me with a hooker so I could eventually make you proud at this law firm, fucko. And once he's gone there's just Eli, giving her the thumbs up.

For all the sinister shit -- and there's a lot, I have no idea how much episode is left but I'm scared to death of whatever's about to happen -- this is a very funny, very loving episode. You have the whole Rogue's Gallery thing happening with Wiley even showing up, and babies just everywhere wandering at random, and then you had that whole freak show that just happened, and I don't know. It feels like a little hug from the show that we can finally rest and watch everything unravel.

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