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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma


Will: "You need money?"
Kalinda: "Just an advance on the work we're doing right now."
Will: "Why?"
Kalinda: (Silence.)
Will: "Kalinda, what's going on?"
Kalinda: "I have to Go."
Will: "I thought you liked it here."
Kalinda: "Very much so."

She drains her drink as he explains about the balloon payment and how they're short on Receivables and Edelstein's being entitled and she can have what he can get for her. She nearly cries, terrified.

Will: "Is this goodbye?"
Kalinda: "Just for a little bit."

I don't think he knows she's lying. She's two women, always, like the cat in the box: She's lying and she's not lying. She's alive and she's dead.

Will: "...It feels like things are falling apart."
Kalinda: "You build them up again. It's what you do."

Maybe that's true. She'll never know, once she's gone.


Patti: "Is meeting with a judge three times a lot, for you? Especially considering you'd only met the guy once before this big case. Four years ago. With twelve other judges, at some lunch."
Peter: "I like the guy."
Patti: "And you never talked about this suit your wife was doing? Because there's judicial bribery stuff happening, which..."
Diane: "Hey!"
Patti: "Not talking about it, just saying it was happening. And Peter was in charge of it."
Peter: "No, She Who Shall Not Be Named was running it."
Patti: "And then you took her off it."
Louis: "And then didn't take up the case again, or bring suit against those three judges..."

Eventually he draws them out and they state their case: That he dropped the investigation, which would have included Wynter, in return for this huge class action... And he does the most astonishing thing.

Peter: "That wouldn't have happened, because my wife and I are separated."

Diane stares, the Dream Team's jaws drop; even Patti is speechless.

Peter: "I was there to get his support for my campaign. You can say I was being corrupt for myself, but not for my wife."


Comes to say goodnight. Maybe forever.

Alicia: "That man who called me? F&E Construction? He called me. At my home. And he said my name."
Kalinda: "He said your name? Did you give your name?"

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