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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Diane can't wait to tell Will! It solves their financial problems! Or at least it would pay off their offices' balloon payment, if Canning weren't already planning to delay this one forever. As though she's never met the man, Diane assures Will that Canning will settle eventually after a huge judgment like this...


Peter pulls Alicia aside to tell her some dicey stuff: Basically, Jackie put 10% cash down on the Highland Park house, so he'd prefer to finish up the purchase and then flip it in a little while.

Alicia: "And you're moving in, right?"
Peter: "Yeah, but only to spruce up the place."
Alicia: "Uh huh. And why are you telling me this?"
Peter: "I want everything on the table and I don't want you to second-guess or freak out or anything. We're doing so great right now, with everything, and I don't want you to think I'm trying to..."
Alicia, verbatim: "Colonize our past?"
Peter: "Fair, I guess. So, Cary's back with you? He's a good guy. Wish him luck."


Will: "So you'll be working at this lunch table in the middle of a crowded corridor. Just until we figure out something permanent, or I've driven you insane."
Cary: "Perfect. Yes. This is the crow, this is where I will eat it."

Alicia pulls Kalinda's files, and out drops a Canadian check -- what they call a cheque, or sometimes a bank draught, as I remember from the old days of this very site -- for $21,000 from October of 2007. Her eyes bug out a little at the amount, but she doesn't know yet to be scared about Toronto. We do, because of Blake, because of Leela, because of her husband, but of course Alicia couldn't know about that part of Kalinda's life.

She calls the contact number and the guy is crazy sketchy, but not so sketchy that she doesn't... Immediately tell the guy pretty much everything except Kalinda's name. He is scary as hell, demands to know the person's name or at least the cheque number, and the scarier he gets, the faster she works on getting off the phone: Finally she says she'll find the cheque and call him back.

Cary: "Nice office!"
Alicia: "No, it's just because of Eli Gold. After he leaves, I'm out on the floor with everybody else. Where are you?"
Cary: "Out on the floor with everybody else?"
Alicia: "Heh. Then I'll have company."
Diane: "Canning's here Canning's here get up Canning is here."

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