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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma


Diane: "Mr. Canning, what's up?"
Louis: "No big deal, just texting my lawyer. Lawyers having lawyers. We should all get progressively smaller, like matrushka dolls..."
Diane: "Are we negotiating or like, what's going on here?"
Canning: "You have five minutes to take my one-time settlement offer of zero dollars."
Diane: "Or what, you have a bomb?"


Out in the lobby, who's he talking to? Oh, just fucking Patti Nyholm, taking her sweet time changing a baby on the couch while her hot husband or nanny deals with her other billion babies.

Will: "Oh, Christ. Why are you here."
Patti: "You don't have a changing table in your bathroom! I could sue."
Will: "I'm sure. Why the eff are you here?"
Patti: (Thirty kinds of mean bullshit about his suspension.)
Will: "And again, why?"
Patti: "The lawsuit! I wish you were a lawyer, you could fight me on this one."


Louis: "You all know my lawyer, Patti Nyholm?"
Patti: "Hey, everybody! How are negotiations going?"
Louis, checking his watch: "It's time to decide... Now."

Lots of fast talk, so I'll give you the basics. Canning's still with the drug company, Patti's of course with their insurers, and they've joined to bring suit against Lockhart, et. al., for what they say is a whole mess of wrongdoing: Bringing suits without merit, shaking down their clients, and the worst one of all... Judicial bribery. You can actually hear goosebumps break out all over Will when she says that one.

Patti: "You asked for a bench trial, and got $25M on a trial we say is without cause."
Will: "And you are a crazy person. And I was cleared by a grand jury."
Patti: "No, you were the one ham sandwich that didn't get indicted by a grand jury. But I know you dicked the system, and I'm here to screw you over five days before Christmas."
Louis: "As am I!"

They even bump fists. It's somehow as terrifying as they think it is.


Jackie's still in the bed, watching an old Ava Gardner movie, when Eli comes to visit.

Jackie: "Shouldn't you be in synagogue?"
Eli: "Uh, no? Anyway, Peter's not here, so listen the fuck up. Your son is not going to become governor without Alicia, and then you screwed her on this house thing, which endangers your son, my job, and so help me God your chicken neck. Apologize to her, because I'm not doing this without her."

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