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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Canning: "If she's never broken the law while investigating a case, there is none."
Kalinda, off Cary's nod: "...Could you repeat the question?"

Patti: "Sure. Were you Kalinda Sharma's direct supervisor on this acne case?"
Will: "We don't have those."
Patti: "Did you tell her to investigate, on this case?"
Will: "Investigate how?"
Patti: "Ugh. You want me to pull a judge out of court just to waste more time? You're the one that needs to pay off your office space balloon payment."
Lockhart & Gardner: "Uhhhh. Hmm."


The scary guy from F&E Construction calls again, menacingly asking why she never got back to him with the cheque number. She says she needs to get her ducks in the row, and he starts talking like Ghostface about how she won't call him back, has no intention of calling him back, and she gets all St. Alicia for a second -- "I said I would, motherfucker, and that means I will" -- before she pulls herself together and realizes this is a bad, bad situation and arguing for her own moral fiber is not the move here, because there is no move, because whatever nastiness is coming she can't get sucked in. She hangs up on the guy, which I guess is as close as you can get to running screaming out of the room when you're just on the phone with the Face of Pure Toronto Evil.


Over Diane's objections, Patti presses Will about whether Wynter was one of the judges that Will introduced to bookies at the basketball nights. There's kind of a conversationally interesting point of law here where Diane tells her to stop it, because the grand jury transcript was sealed, and therefore Patti's asking from a position of asking about things she shouldn't know to ask about, but Patti's answer is that the questions and answers themselves only depend on Will's knowledge, of the grand jury and of what happened on the basketball court.

Mostly I don't know how to feel about any of this, because I feel like a certain one-time State's Attorney hopeful is like Beetlejuice and if you say anything like "Wednesday Night Basketball Games" or "Grand Jury Investigation" too many times, she's going to show up. Float down from the ceiling, as time runs backwards and pennies roll up the wall and the plumbing goes haywire. And I mean, shit is already scary enough considering you've got Patti, Louis, and whatever psychopath murderer Alicia's just sent an embossed invitation to come visit Chicago and kill everybody.

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