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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma


With Will standing right there -- hair looking great, I might add, if a little anachronistic -- Diane tries to explain that Patti and Louis are going down a road they shouldn't be going down. In the pursuit of various files and folders, Judge Wynter reveals himself to be in a wheelchair, which sends Canning on a personal mission to explain in detail his movements as relating to a condition he has called tardive dyskinesia, which sends the eyes of Diane and Alicia heavenward...

But also Judge Wynter's, who thanks him for the pointless information and stares at him until he makes himself look deeply stupid, which is like Christmas for everybody. In the end, the judge tells them they need to prove that somebody's actually leaking this grand jury stuff to Nyholm and Canning, with the unspoken warning hanging in the air for anybody with the capability of shame -- so, not Patti or Louis -- to notice it.

For myself, I have questions about Judge Wynter's style of basketball play. Not because I don't think anybody can do anything, or that Will would set up illegal bets to entrap judges and not abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but just because: This is not what I should be thinking about right now. It's weird to set up this particular thing and then have the judge say he's never sat on the bench for a Lockhart/Gardner case and be in a wheelchair and also be part of the Basketball Thing. Or but also, if he's ruling on whether or not they can ask about the grand jury thing at all, whether or not it's sealed, shouldn't he not be involved in this? It's confusing.


Will: "Kalinda can be on this leak so fast it'll blow their hair back..."
Diane: "No, because and then what. This basketball thing is killing us. This guy gave us $7M above our ask, and now he's getting implicated, that balloon payment's coming up, everybody's watching us. Patrick 'Zuckerberg' Edelstein's talking about pulling 20% of our business away with him..."
Alicia: "Whoa, I just realized I shouldn't be hearing any of this."
Will & Diane: "It's fine. You know how we're always in financial trouble? Well, guess what's going on now. Just keep it to yourself, okay?"

In the end, they decide to drop that acne class they just won, basically in the hopes that Patti Nyholm will go away and stop being so scary.


Short answer: No. Long answer? So much worse.

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