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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Patti: "Oooh, a fruit plate! Hey, wave to my kids!"
Will: "We drop the acne class, you go away. That's a huge win for you."
Dream Team: "Nope!"
Diane: "You have no case. Without calling on sealed grand jury transcripts..."
Patti: "Not about that."
Louis: "See, we're not really hear about that either. You wanna tell them?"
Patti: "Go for it!"
Everybody: "Oh, boy."
Dream Team: "We're not here to win a case, we're here to destroy you. You pissed off the wrong corporations, and now they want you bankrupted. We are literally here to put you out of business. Okay? Later!"

Patti runs out into the hallway to fuss cutely with her kids, Louis climbs back into the nearest drain and thence back home in liquid sewage form, and Diane, Will and Alicia stare into space. Until the light over their heads suddenly goes out, and then they all just kind of melt into the exhaustion of horror.


No idea what's headed for her, Kalinda follows Patti and the kids to a park, where she meets up with a third antagonist: The similarly baby-toting Andrew Wiley. Wow, it's almost like this is a season finale.

Kalinda crouches with a little girl, drawing in chalk on the sidewalk, as though it's possible to camouflage Kalinda with any amount of business, but it doesn't matter: She's seen them talking, and it's cool that they know it. They wheel their strollers toward her as a team -- the accidental architect of the Leela witch hunt and the latest soldier in the Will one -- with hateful little faces on their faces.

Once again, Patti says she's not getting anything but Andrew's own testimony in the Will investigation -- and that it's a play date -- but at least Kalinda's found the link. I so wanted Andrew to end up a Whiter Hat than he ever was, but if we're going nuclear on some people, I guess he deserves it, at the least, for his part in the original Leela mess that made this season so painful.


Cary: "Uh, hi?"
Diane, Will & Kalinda: "Andrew Wiley's the leak."
Cary: "No, he's not. He plays by the rules. Or are they saying it's just his personal testimony?"
Will: "Yep."
Cary: "And so but I also cannot say anything about that grand jury, for the same reason."
Diane: "Well, I have an idea."


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