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Goodbye Kalinda Sharma

Cary: "Yeah, but you said it was about his grand jury testimony. Not things he saw or heard about outside of that. You asked Will a question you couldn't ask when you asked about that. Right, Andrew?"
Wiley: "Oh my God, that's right! I never spoke about..."
Patti: "Andrew, stop! Stop right now!"
Wiley: "Nope, I broke the rules. Sorry, guys! My bad."
Diane: "So anything about Will bribing judges should be excluded, then..."
Louis: "And I'm adding Alicia Florrick to our witness list."


Kalinda: "I have to witness-prep you. They're trying to get to the bribery thing another way..."
Alicia, stony: "F&E Construction."

Tears in Kalinda's eyes before she's even processed what Alicia said.

Kalinda: "What? Why? What?"
Alicia: "There was a cheque for twenty-one grand in your file..."
Kalinda: "That should not be in my file, it should be with my personal stuff. Can I have it back? Like immediately?"

Back in the office, she hands it over, and you can see Kalinda so eager to get it and hide it away, like that was a close one, and just as she's folding it seven or eight times, however many times you can fold a piece of paper until it's as small as it can get, Alicia admits she called the number, and you can see everything crash down again.

Kalinda: "When."
Alicia: "Tuesday."
Kalinda: "Did you speak to anyone?"
Alicia: "Oh yeah. He asked for the cheque number..."
Kalinda: "Did you give it to him?"
Alicia: "No, girl. I did not."
Kalinda: "Well, it's been nice knowing you either way."

Alicia: "He called me back, Kalinda. What's going on?"
Kalinda, fake smile: "Old thing. Just an old thing."
Alicia: "An 'old thing'? He was really scary. Is this about Bishop?"
Kalinda: "No, just an old thing. I'm gonna go take care of it right now."
Alicia: "Kalinda?"

She looks up, and away, and then back. Waiting for Alicia to ask. But she never asks, so Kalinda fake-smiles her way out of the room...

And the music gets very intense once she's out of there. In the elevator, she pulls her glasses out of her jacket like a gun. Straight to a hardware store, where she buys the biggest sledgehammer she can find.

Into a wildly green-walled apartment building, all nature and trees, past all-white rooms -- Is this an empty apartment? Safe house? No, she just lives this way, for this reason. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! -- and busts a hole in the wall behind a mirror. Dufflebag, handgun, wads of cash, journals, passports, the whole thing. And when she's all packed up, she sits down for a moment and says goodbye.

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