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The Dundies

Jim, unsure about her particular Dundie, shouts that he hasn't gotten one either. "So keep going!" Pam and Jim clap, in unison, for all the world like it's Tinkerbell: "More Dundies! Dundies! Dundies! Dundies! Dundies!" And the rest of the company -- of the restaurant, perhaps -- joins in. "Dundies! Dundies!" And Tinkerbell revives.

"Okay! All right! We'll keep rolling," smiles Michael, breathing strong again. "Okay, this is the Fine Work award. This goes to Stanley, for all the Fine Work he did this year." Drunk Pam screams for Stanley, and for the Fineness of his Work. Pam screams for a speech, even as Michael tries to explain away how generic the award is ("You know you did [Fine Work]!" he shouts), and Stanley even gets into the spirit: "Well, last year I got Great Work, so I don't know what to think about this award. But at least I didn't get Smelliest Bowel Movement like Kevin." Everyone laughs; Pam and Kevin and Stanley laugh. They're not angry, they're drunk. Michael introduces the next award: "...going out to our own little Pam Beesley..." Jim's face, Pam's face, Pam's buzz all hit the floor. Not so funny all of a sudden. "I think we all know what award Pam is going to be getting this year!" Michael screams, and Jim stares...

"It's the ‘Whitest Sneakers' award!"
A: Michael Scott.

Everybody applauds; Pam's shocked but overjoyed and drunk. "Because she always has the whitest tennis shoes on!" Jim claps crazily, louder than everyone else, as she walks onto the dance floor. "Get on down here! Pam Beesley, ladies and gentlemen!" Pam grabs his mic and he kind of giggles -- not very Pam, that -- as she gets her hysterical laughter under control, and tries to give her speech. Jim looks on, amused. In love.

"I have so many people to thank for this award! Okay, first off, my Keds! Because I couldn't have done it without them! Thank you. Let's give Michael a round of applause for emceeing tonight, because this is a lot harder than it looks! And also because of Dwight too!" Which is hilarious, but nobody claps for Dwight, even though that's not what she said. "Um, so finally, I want to thank God. Because God gave me this Dundie." Jim cocks his head, you know the look, but it's not like he's capable of shutting that grin down a decibel or two; not right now. "And I feel God in this Chili's tonight!"

Pam screams, and thrusts her Dundie into the air: "WHOOOOOO!" Michael again gives her a "Pam Beesley, ladies and gentleman," his own mind kind of blown, and she gives him a sweet peck on the cheek*.

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