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The Dundies

Later, Dwight and Ryan are loading up all of Michael's props as he lectures us: "Was this year's Dundies a success? Well, let's see. I made Pam laugh so hard that she fell out of her chair, and she almost broke her neck. So I killed. Almost."

Outside, Pam goes all serpentine from the door to the camera, screaming "Oh my God!" Jim's like, "Wow." She shouts into the camera: "I just want to say that this was the best! Dundies! Ever! WHOOOOOOOOO!" She brandishes her trophy like a madwoman. Jim catches her. "Careful, careful."

Episode-ending monologue voiceover courtesy a Chili's drone: "We have a strict policy here not to overserve." Pam stumbles up to Oscar and hugs him. "Apparently, this young woman was sneaking drinks off other people's tables." Pam attacks Phyllis, then Stanley. (If you kiss everybody, then you can kiss anybody. Dig?) "I Xeroxed her driver's license, and she is not welcome to this restaurant chain ever again," the employee finishes, giving us his best Schrute.

Ryan and Dwight accompany Michael out of the restaurant with all of his crap. He tells them both that they did great work; Dwight cautions him about the terrain, is ignored, and goes into some kind of EMS talk about pupils and concussions, and Michael's like, "Sure, but I meant the audio." Dwight smirks at like Orange Alert in Ryan's direction. Who cares as much about Michael's opinion of either of them as he does about...anything, really.

"I feel bad about what I wrote on the bathroom wall," Pam slurs to Jim, who smiles and teases: "No you don't." She laughs and Angela pulls up. (And can you imagine for one second what that ride would be like? Hi, Angela. Fuck booze, I'd need hard drugs.) Jim walks Pam to the car, and she stops beside it. "Hey, um. Can I ask you a question?" And he says, "Shoot." And she looks at him, at his face, and then she looks at the camera, and then she remembers the camera, and then she thanks him. For...what I don't know. She kind of gestures toward the trophy; I can believe she'd figure that one out, even right now, I can believe she'd figure out that he talked Michael out of the other award. He smiles at her softly -- "Not really a question" -- and laughs, equally softly. "Okay, let's get you home, you're drunk." She giggles, agreeing, and he opens the door for her, and they say goodbye, and he thanks Angela. And she drives away, and "Tiny Dancer" starts to play again, and even as the taillights are fading, he smiles. Until he remembers the camera, and then he walks away.

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