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With that, Summer gives Julie a present: a locket with Marissa's picture inside it. Awww. I'm glad they acknowledged Marissa in the last episode. Julie sobs, and Summer takes a moment to collect herself before saying Marissa would have wanted to be here if she wasn't all dead and stuff. Would she really? Marissa hated her mother and would have nothing to do with her sometimes. I don't know if she would have gone for her wedding to a man she didn't love who wasn't the father or her baby. Although, at this point in the season, Marissa would probably be at the lowest point of her current downward spiral and passed out in a crack den somewhere. But let's remember the dead fondly. Julie sobs out a "thank you," and then the two hug tearfully. And then they both comment that their make-up has been ruined. BULLIT walks in and says there's no time to fix it as they're getting married right now! Julie hopefully asks if Kirsten's back yet, and BULLIT informs her that Kirsten "dropped child," and therefore can't make it. Julie is thrilled for Kirsten and the baby, but then bitterly disappointed that Kirsten won't be at her wedding. So much so that she refuses to get married without her. If she felt that strongly, why did she plan the wedding for the very end of Kirsten's pregnancy? We'll never know since the whole planning-of-the-wedding happened during those six months we didn't get to see.

Cut to the Berkeley house. Todd and Patrick answer the door together and find an entire wedding party on their stoop. The best part of that shot are Taylor, Summer, and Kaitlin's faces, so embarrassed and ashamed to be intruding on poor Todd and Patrick like this. "Oh my god," Todd and Patrick say in unison. BULLIT asks if either of them know anything about wedding planning. Of course they do! They're gay, after all, so that means they only have jobs like midwife, wedding planner, or hairstylist!

Sandy and Kirsten are in the backyard with the baby. Hey, guys? It's called a hotel room. Or a hospital room. I know you lived in this house twenty years ago, but it's not your house anymore and this is just rude. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're squatting at this point. I guess that's one way to live in a house the real owners don't want to sell. Julie runs out and asks to see the baby. Sandy asks if she's a "runaway bride." Todd, holding a flower wreath, says it's more like a "runaway wedding." Ryan is alarmed as he realizes that this means that Taylor is here, too. It's too late for him to run away, though, as Summer and Taylor come outside. Ryan asks Taylor if they can talk alone.

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