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The home inspector checks the place out and tells the four that the damage to the house will cost more to fix than the house is worth. "I'm sorry, but there's no saving your home," he says. Ew... they had to wait six months for that? The Cohens and Ryan each take a moment to look shocked and upset about this. Actually, only Sandy looks shocked and upset. Everyone else looks like they're ready to back up their trailers and get the hell out of there.

As the theme song plays for the last time, a tear rolls down the cheeks of the members of Phantom Planet as they become a small footnote in pop culture history.

When we return to the show, Sandy, Kirsten, and Ryan are checking out a new house. Seth apparently went back to his easy chair. The house has an infinity pool, but, Sandy points out, no pool house. Ryan says he'll just use one of the many bedrooms in the house, but Sandy sighs that "it just doesn't feel like home." Ryan agrees that he'll miss their old house, but he's still looking forward to attending Berkeley. This awkward segue gives Sandy the perfect spot to reminisce about the house he and Kirsten used to live in back in Berkeley, the Land of Purity and Sunshine. "That house had character," he says. "And this house has none of those things," Kirsten whines, non-pregnancy-waddling up behind them with the realtor in tow. It should be pointed out that Kirsten might not be the best person to ask about the details of the house, as those gigantic sunglasses she's wearing have got to be obscuring her vision. "It's average and generic," she says. So was their last house, and they didn't seem to mind that. She still wants to make an offer on it, though, much to both Sandy and the realtor's surprise.

Back at the Roberts house, Summer shows Seth the floorplan to their new apartment in Providence. It will be appointed just like Summer's bedroom, so they'll never have to leave. Not even for class, apparently. Why even go to college? Summer goes to call the Tivo helpline to make sure the Tivo will keep the shows saved during the moving process (it will, by the way), and runs across a piece of paper. It's a flier about the California Sea Otter, brought to you by the Friends Aligned To Save Otters (F.A.T.S.O.). And that's the first and last time you'll see the word "fatso" on this show. It's a terrible flier, by the way, with a tremendous amount of tiny writing on it that no one would ever bother to read. But it still makes Summer remember back to a time when she used to care about stuff. You know, last week. She was all ready to skip college to join G.E.O.R.G.E. and save the world, and now, suddenly, she isn't. That's a little jarring. Summer runs off, and Ryan enters the room. He tells Seth that he has a plan, and much to Seth's chagrin, they'll have to leave Summer's bedroom to carry it out. Will they end up in Mexico? Because up to this point, all of Ryan's plans have involved running off to Mexico.

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