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Ryan gets a call from Taylor. She's busy cleaning the hell out of Summer's bedroom while Summer takes a shower with lye. Ouch. Taylor asks Ryan if they can get together and talk, but Ryan says he's in Berkeley trying to get the Cohens their old house back. Taylor realizes that if the Cohens move back to their old house, then Ryan will be living in Berkeley and not Newport. They won't even see each other during school breaks. They could see each other during school if Taylor was going to Berkeley like she had decided to the last time we saw her, but now she's suddenly studying in France, so, whatever. Ryan says they can talk after the wedding, but a deflated Taylor doesn't seem interested.

Kaitlin and Julie are hanging out in the chapel, preparing it for tomorrow's festivities. Julie asks Kaitlin what she thought of her soon-to-be-stepbrothers. Kaitlin says she loves BULLIT, but "one's kind of enough" for her. And everyone. And maybe even too much for this series-ending episode. Julie agrees, much to Kaitlin's surprise since Julie's about to give birth to a mini-BULLIT. "Maybe he won't be all that BULLIT-esque," Julie hints. Kaitlin laughs and says it's more likely that the baby will come out wearing a cowboy hat and saying "bang!" "... or a wife-beater ... " Julie says. Kaitlin is confused at first, then realizes what Julie's saying: the baby isn't BULLIT's. It's Ryan's. Well, that's certainly a surprise. Oh wait, no, I'm sorry, I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I think when Julie said the baby would come out wearing a wife-beater, she was supposed to say it would come out being a wife-beater. Because, you see, the baby is Frank's. And, in an amazing show of honesty that we didn't really get to see since this all happened off-camera, Julie told BULLIT that she's carrying Frank's baby. By the way, this probably means that Julie still hasn't had sex with BULLIT. Poor guy. She didn't tell Kaitlin, though, because she apparently thought that the night before her wedding was the best time for that. Kaitlin asks Julie what happened between her and Frank, which we need to know since we didn't get to see it. Last time we saw Frank and Julie, they were happy together. Now they aren't. I didn't get to see this happen, so I don't really care. Even if I did see it happen, I probably wouldn't care. But Julie duly explains that when she got pregnant, Frank couldn't deal with it. So Julie left him and went crawling back to the BULLIT, told him everything, and he still wanted to marry her like a sucker. And Julie claims that she now loves BULLIT even though she obviously doesn't.

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