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The next morning, there's a baby! Aww, she's cute. Her name is Sophie Rose. Seth says she'll be much cuter in two years "when she doesn't look like a squished meatball." If she's anything like her brother, in two years she'll be three feet tall and a giant among her peers with amazing mental abilities to boot. "Aw, you just called your sister a squished meatball," Ryan coos. By the way, neither of them is going to hold the baby. Hell, Kirsten barely holds the baby this episode. Sandy says that Seth looked like a squished meatball when he was born, too. I think all babies look like Winston Churchill. I was born via C-section, so I did not look like a squished meatball. I had a nice, perfect, pretty round head, unlike all the other gross cone-headed naturally birthed babies in the nursery. I probably looked fantastic. Seth gets all jealous and says that he was the cutest baby ever. At this point, Patrick the midwife enters and announces it's feeding time. Ryan and Seth run out of there. BULLIT walks in with a "no thank you, Kirsten. I'm lactose intolerant." Ewww, BULLIT. Kirsten just rolls her eyes while Sandy does not punch him in the face. I guess they have to be nice to him since they need the ride home. BULLIT's finally on his way back to Newport to get married. Kirsten tells him to give Julie their apologies for not being there. I want to know why his doctor son didn't handle the delivery instead of the midwife. Although I guess if I was Kirsten, I'd prefer Patrick to Amarillo. Sophie bursts into tears at the anti-climaticness of her birth.

Kaitlin shows up at what I'm guessing is Frank's job. She tells him that the mother of his baby is about to get married to another man and asks him how he could abandon them like that. He abandoned his last family, though, so it's not like this is really a surprise. Frank admits that he panicked when he found out that Julie was pregnant, but by the time he got over it and went to see her to make up, she was having dinner with BULLIT. Wait, didn't we already do this storyline? Like, three episodes ago? Why are we doing it again? I'm so bored. And disappointed. Which means that my facial expression probably looks just like Kirsten's always does right now. Kaitlin says that she wants her mother to be happy and her brother to have his dad around -- unless that dad is a coward. "I thought Atwoods were good at fighting," Kaitlin says. Not really, though. I mean, they fight a lot, but they lose a lot, too. Anyway, if Frank gets back with Julie, I'm sure Kaitlin will have plenty of opportunity to experience Frank's fighting abilities.

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