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Right Back Where We Started From

Seth finds Sandy sitting on the front steps thinking about what a familiar situation it is to be in that house with a new baby. "It's almost twenty years later, and I feel like no time has passed at all," Sandy says. I know the feeling. Six months passed between last episode and this episode, and it only felt like a week. Seth says that Sandy doesn't look like much time has passed, either, with his full head of hair and full face of eyebrows. He says if he looks half as good as Sandy in twenty years, he'll be a happy man. Aww, that's sweet. Sandy says he'd settle for Seth being happy right now, pointing out that Seth's been in a rut the last few months. Seth says that's true, but now that he's seen Ryan's school and his new sister, he knows that change is coming whether he wants it to or not. Judging by the lack of effort Adam Brody's been putting into his work on this show for the last two years, I'd say he really wants it to happen. Sandy says that some things will change, but Seth and Summer will still be together in Rhode Island. Seth's not so sure about that, either. He doesn't think being together is bringing out the best in either of them. "But I'm afraid to let her go, so ... " he trails off. "Things have a way of coming back around," Sandy says. Yeah, maybe they do. That doesn't mean that they should. People are supposed to grow and change. That's what makes them interesting to watch. When they have the same exact problem over and over again like, say, choosing between Frank and BULLIT, it gets boring and tiresome and then your show gets cancelled after only four seasons.

Julie's wedding is about to start. Summer and Taylor are wearing ugly bridesmaid dresses. Taylor is still pouting about Ryan rejecting her and asks Summer which BULLIT she should have a casual romance with. Summer doesn't care, so she leaves to find Julie while Taylor notes that "Hanoi has a certain charm." Taylor loves her Asians.

Summer gets Julie ready for the wedding. Julie thanks her for filling in for Kirsten, and says it's nice to see Summer out of her bedroom and showered. Summer agrees, saying that maybe she and Seth got a little too comfortable after being together for so long. Cool, except that we've already done this storyline so I don't care. Neither does Julie, as she says she doesn't know much about being in a long-term relationship. Except for that marriage to Jimmy that lasted like sixteen years. Summer asks Julie if she and Seth are making a mistake moving to Rhode Island together. Julie takes a seat next to her and says that she got married so young that she never got the chance to find out who she really was. She didn't go to college or "learn any real skills." Aw, it's cute how Julie knows so little about college that she thinks it teaches you skills. And now, Julie says, it's twenty years later and she's knocked up on her wedding day. Again. "Julie," Summer says. "Summer," Julie says. Their eyes meet. I thought they were going to make out right here, which would have been a very bold way to end the series, but no. Julie just says that Summer is a great girl, and both she and the world deserve to know that. "Don't settle for comfortable," she pleads.

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