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The Injury

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The Injury

Jim asks Pam if Dwight's being weird today. "He's actually really nice and helpful," she says. Jim rests his case. Michael comes storming in on his crutches, in a righteous rage about how his employees need to have more respect for the disabled. By which he means himself. He tries to bond with Stanley, who mutters, "I'm not disabled, and neither are you." Michael flings a crutch across the room and sticks his bubble-wrapped foot in Stanley's face, seething, "What does this look like to you?" "Mailboxes, Etc," Stanley says. Michael retrieves his crutch and stumps into his office, angrily calling a meeting in the conference room in twenty minutes. In the semi-chastened silence that follows, Dwight looks up at Creed and wonderingly asks, "Dad?"

We join the meeting already in progress, where Michael has pasted up some visual aids in the form of famous disabled Americans. Oddly enough, two of them are Tom Hanks. He thought one of the photos was from Philadelphia, but when he is corrected that the shot is in fact from Big, he smoothly recovers by saying that waking up in a man's body is a disability as well. Now, I think that's a disability Michael actually has. He's in the midst of trying to dress down Stanley for doing crossword puzzles when the "special guest" arrives in a wheelchair, apologizing for his lateness by explaining that someone parked in the handicapped space. Michael carefully doesn't react to that. The guest introduces himself as Billy Merchant, the properties manager. He thinks he's there to talk about building-management stuff, but Michael is, of course, pushing his own agenda, trying to use Billy as a demonstration of the plight of disabled Americans. Leave it to Michael to use a guy in a wheelchair as a pawn in his plan to make people feel sorry for his own self-absorbed ass. "I want to clamp Michael's face in a George Foreman grill," Jim THs. Billy gives a little parking spiel, and opens the floor for questions. Only Dwight raises his hand, but he doesn't know he's doing it until Pam points it out to him. It's still better than the last time Dwight had a question. Michael tries to steal the floor again by drawing a comparison between himself and Billy. But Billy, offended, is done. You think he should roll over Michael's burnt foot when he leaves, or the good one?

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