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Caroline and Matt make it to the dungeon of the ruins and lock themselves in, but Tyler is fast on their heels. They lock themselves inside the cell, but as Caroline is trying to chain it shut, a fully-wolfed Tyler bursts in. Caroline tries talking to him, but he's a wolf, yo, so he just leaps at her.

Back at Alaric's, Damon regains consciousness. Did I mention he was unconscious? Did I know? Whatever. This show moves too fast. Katherine is hovering over him apologizing and explaining without being explicit that she's really sorry she did what she did but she had to pretend she was compelled or Klaus would have known she wasn't and blah blee bloo. Damon tells her to cut through the crap. She does. Klaus needed another vampire, so he had Katherine lure her out. Damon: "Who'd you call? Who did you call, Katherine?"

Woods: Elena tells Greta that Senior and Junior Manwitch were looking for her. Greta sneers that they were wasting their time. "I wasn't lost." When Elena stumbles she complains that she can't see anything in the dark, so Greta magics up some campfires. Elena's eyes fall to the female form lying still on the ground. It's only a second before she recognizes...

OMG JENNA IS THE "SHE" KATHERINE LURED OUT. I so should have seen that coming and I just didn't see it coming at all. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'm sorry. I'll get back to actually recapping now, instead of exclaiming.

So, ahem, Elena says, "Jenna?" When Jenna doesn't answer, Elena kneels by her, feels for a pulse and there is none. She then turns to Greta and asks why Klaus killed Jenna when Elena did everything he asked. Just then, Jenna sits up with a gasp and a start. Greta sneers some more. "She not dead. She in transition." Yeah, I think we got that, Miss Rhymes-With-Witch.

Back at Alaric's Damon can't figure out why Alaric didn't use him. Katherine says, "He couldn't. Damon, he said you were as good as dead." When Damon asks what that means, Katherine grabs his arm and the camera closes in on a gross looking wound. "What is this, Damon?" Damon looks down and lets himself admit what he must have known on some level. "Oh, it's a werewolf bite."

And just imagine I'm typing "Are you kidding me" in bold, 20 pt. uppercase letters about a million times, because Show, once again? I. Can't. Even.

I'll be back with Friday morning with my recaplet of "The Sun Also Rises." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then join us in the forum, where we're ready, willing and able to bite Damon at a moment's notice.

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