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Meanwhile, at the Grill, Matt multi-tasks -- leaving Caroline a voice mail at the same time he glares at Damon, who has just entered the bar with Alaric. Before Team Bromance can discuss Damon's most recent impulsive act, Klaus pops in and tells Damon not to do anything he'll regret. Damon laughs and tries to get Klaus to put off the ritual for a month. Klaus is all, "You must be joking." Alaric is all, "He's really not." Klaus says he's got his vampire and his werewolf. The ritual will happen tonight. "So if you want to live to see tomorrow, don't screw it up." I don't think Damon's so concerned with living, Satan Klaus, but thanks for the progress report. Once he's gone, Alaric has to ask the question we all already know the answer to: "You're going to screw it up, aren't you?" Damon answers not with the obvious yes, but with details. "You think if I took his werewolf out of the equation, [Elena] might get over the fact that I tried to turn her into a vampire?" Alaric says that won't matter so much because Damon will be dead. Damon doesn't care about that. He wants to buy Elena at least one more month, and he's drafting Alaric to help him.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena are out for a hike, talking about her feelings when they come upon a beautiful waterfall, which makes sense in a town called Mystic Falls. Stefan wants Elena to know it's okay to tell him how she's feeling. She says she can't, so Stefan accepts that and urges her to climb to the top of the falls with him. She wants him to Edward-Cullen them up to the top, but Stefan says this is her last day of being human. "Why cheat now." Hey, is this reverse psychology, because the banks of that waterfall look pretty fricking steep to me.

Alaric turns up at his own apartment where Katherine is still a prisoner of compulsion. He invites Damon in, who has come to collect from Katherine since he gave her Vervain and all. Damon had never been in Alaric's place before now? Really. Huh. Anyhow, Damon dispatches Alaric back to the house to help ensure Elena doesn't turn herself over before Damon can screw up Klaus's plans. Once he's alone with Katherine, he demands to know where Klaus is keeping his werewolf. A dead werewolf means no ritual. Katherine refuses to help and in doing so, she lets slip that she's not the vampire Satan Klaus is going to sacrifice. "He's got Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood." When reason doesn't work, Damon works the jealousy angle and reveals that Elena has vampire blood in her system, which means Katie with be competing with Elena for Stefan -- forever. Katherine spills, immediately. "He's got them in the tomb."

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