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Falls: The thing is -- here's the thing. Stefan is ready to be with Elena forever, but Elena is all like: I'm 17. I love you, but forever is a damned long time. She wants the freedom to deal with things as they come along, after she grows up, decides whether she wants kids and all that. Dobrev is GREAT here. Really great. She cries as she says she doesn't want to be a vampire and it breaks my heart. And she is so much better for my daughter to be watching that that insipid siphon Bella Swan. Oh and I missed the exact moment in all the emotion, but Stefan tries to explain to Elena that while Damon did the wrong thing by force feeding her blood, he did it because he loves her. Elena knows that, but says it's not really love if he doesn't respect her choices, or something like that. I get what she means. I would feel the same way, were I in her shoes. I would not feel the same way if Damon was trying to protect someone I love.

When Damon, Caroline and Tyler come out of the tomb, the moon is already on the rise. Caroline rouses Matt, even as Tyler starts to feel his transition coming on. This thrills Damon to pieces as you can imagine. Meanwhile, back at Mossy Manse, Elena and Stefan arrive home to find Klaus lurking in wait. He asks Elena if she is ready. She says that she is, but Stefan takes his one noble -- if impotent -- stand of the episode, holding his hand in front of her as he says, "No." Really. That's it. He doesn't even raise his voice. I love you Stefan, but your respect for Elena's quest for martyrdom brings one word to mind: flaccid. Klaus points out Stefan will die, but Stefan doesn't fear that. He's just committed to trusting a 17-year-old. Elena kisses him, tells him she loves him and he loves and kisses her back. Finally she pulls away and says, "Close your eyes."

Buffy: Oh no she didn't!

Darla: I hope you don't think that was your line, first. Everything you ever did with Angel, I did first, and with super speed, and some more cleavage.

Buffy: Cindy, don't you have any stakes lying around here?

Recapper: Not now, you two. This is serious business! Scram.

So yeah, they pay homage to Buffy and Angel (and Darla and Liam) and blah blee bloo. Stefan closes his eyes but for a second, and when he opens them, Elena and Satan Klaus are gone. He stands there forlorn and helpless. And I can't help but think of something Veronica Mars once said about Duncan Kane. I can't remember if I've used it in a recap before so I'm declaring it fair game, this time. "You stand idly by." I mean, Stefan, what the hell? I know you respect her, but why didn't you try to keep her from him, or argue with her more? Ugh. Don't make me go 100% Team Damon. I like being Bi-Bro. It's a thing. I respect your respect, but it's frustrating the hell out of me. Do something, damn it.

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