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Ooh, I think he hears me. By the time he's inside, he's raring to go. He finds Alaric and calls Damon, revealing Klaus took Elena. And okay, maybe this is my frustration with Stefan in this storyline. Whether he'll ever admit it to himself or not, Damon was totally right when he told Stefan that by force-feeding blood, he did what Stefan only wishes he had the cojones to do. Because look at Stefan's eyes when he's on the phone with big bro, y'all. They are desperate. He is calling Damon because he knows that Damon will save Elena despite the fact she doesn't want to be saved. So while he pays a whole lot of lip service to respecting her choices, it's almost two-faced, because all he has to do is let Damon know what's going on, and then sit back and be all -- well, I respected your choices, but Damon, you know him? He's incorrigible. I don't mean that as harsh as it sounds. When I take myself out of the story I like this touch. I like that he's conflicted. I like that Stefan wants to abide by Elena's wishes. And I like that part of the reason he can do it is because he knows he can count on Damon to interfere, regardless of what Elena wants. Do you read me? Stefan fans, am I being too hard on the boy? Anyhow, Damon's already "saving the day" as he puts it, so he tells Stefan he'll take care of it.

And oh oh, now Tyler starts to wolf out. He warns the others to leave, but they're trying to get him someplace they can lock him up. At one point Tyler jumps Damon, who throws him off. When Caroline asks Damon if he's okay, he grimaces in a way that means bad, unspeakable things of which I will not yet speak, yet insists he's fine. He gives Matt back his bullets and instructs him to get himself and Caroline to the dungeon at ye olde Lockwood Estate ruins. Since it kept Tyler in last time, maybe it can keep him out this time. Everyone wisely leaves Ty to complete his painful transition alone. Poor Pudding Pup.

Alaric's Apartment: Klaus comes home, looks for Maddox and sets up the product placement of the night, with whatever devices he's using to monitor his captives on video. Damon shows up and tells Klaus he has to postpone the ritual since Damon has just rescued his vampire and werewolf and killed his witch. "And you can kill me for it. I don't care. It was all me." Tch. He's really redeeming himself tonight in so many ways. Klaus orders Caroline to give them a moment alone, and uses it to taunt Damon. He knew one of the Brothers Salvatore would try to stop him, and reveals that he's got a spare werewolf (Jules). When you spend a thousand years trying to break a curse. "First rule: always have a back-up." Darn, that's almost a line from Veronica Mars. I may have to watch my DVDs this summer. Anyhow, Klaus makes it clear he's also got a back-up witch, and with Katherine in his commandeered apartment, he now has a back-up vampire.

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