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The Last Snore

Vinick is on the phone, thanking someone for all his or her campaign work. He finishes the call, and immediately drops the friendly façade, asking Annie, "Who's next?" Before she can answer, Sheila enters. She seems surprised to see Vinick at the office. They chit chat about Royce for a second, and then Annie tells Vinick that his doctor called and can reschedule his physical exam to that day, but only if Vinick gets there right away. Vinick throws on his coat, and tells Annie to get some thank-you letters done before his return, and also tells them that he wants "ten minutes with every Republican Senator before they kick [him] out of here." Sheila follows after him, noting that most of the Senators are not in the building, since Congress is not in session. Vinick tells her that he'll fly around the country and visit with all of them if he has to. And then he tells Sheila to set up a time for him to go over exit polls with Bob. As Vinick walks away, Annie asks Sheila, "Who's gonna tell him?" Sheila: "What?" Annie: "That the campaign is over." Credits.

Santos transition headquarters. Lou does a solo pedeconference, walking through the office while telling "Adam" from the Times that Santos has not yet selected a Veep. She deftly passes off a piece of paper to Amy, who is doing some solo pedeconferencing with her own cell phone. Amy walks into a meeting in Santos's office -- Ron Butterfield is introducing Santos, Helen, and their children to the two Secret Service agents who will be primarily responsible for safeguarding the kids. The two agents are Linda, who seems pretty warm and friendly, and Kevin, who seems to be twelve. Don't you at least have to graduate from high school before you can join the Secret Service? Ron is talking to the kids about what to do if someone tries to use them to pass on a message to their father, when Amy leans down and pulls Santos away from the meeting.

Amy pulls Santos out into the hallway. Apparently, the lawyers have come up with a convincing legal argument for Santos: he can ask the members of the Electoral College to vote for his preferred candidate for Veep, and then Santos and his team will be free to follow that request. There is a bipartisan group of former Attorneys General and Solicitors General who agree with the theory. We also learn that it's just one week until the Electoral College vote, putting us in early December. Helen walks into the hallway to ream Santos out for leaving the meeting when his kids need him there to make it seem like all of this is normal.

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