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The Last Snore

C.J. emerges from her office and greets Helen, calling her "Mrs. Santos." Helen asks her to call her "Helen," and C.J. invites her into her office. Margaret also whispers to C.J. that everyone is ready to speak with Jed but that he's moved on to another call himself.

In her office, C.J. tells Santos that Abbey "would've loved to have shown you around," but that C.J. will have to do the honors since Abbey is on a trip. And if they were going to do this "country mouse in the big city" routine with Helen, I do wish they'd gotten Stockard Channing to be there. It would have been a way for them to tell us something about the characters we've known and cared about over the last seven seasons. C.J. offers to try to make Helen feel "at home," and Helen wonders how that's possible in the White House. C.J. posits that the Residence has "some homey touches." Yeah, every home has an enormous round window in the family room that looks out onto the OEOB. Helen wonders what the homey touches could possibly be, and C.J. can't really think of any; the best she can come up with is "You could get bunk beds for the kids." Helen mentions needing to find a school for the kids, and C.J. offers the services of Jim Kane -- who just happens to be the Secretary of Education. I think C.J. has lost her sense of proportion sometime in the last few years.

Transition HQ. Amy does some more solo pedeconferencing, telling a caller that she'll let him know about the Veep choice before it's announced to the press. Ronna approaches, and tells Amy that a website run by a vile rumormonger has announced that Baker is getting the Veep nod. Amy wonders how the little scumbag figured it out, and Ronna asks whether it's true. Amy walks into Santos's office, where he's telling Barry that he wants Baker as Veep, but that he also wants a full Congressional confirmation process. They discuss strategy for how that might happen. And then, at a random moment, Santos tells them, "I want to see Arnold Vinick." Amy wonders whether Santos really thinks crazy old man Vinick will really be willing to help out, but Santos just repeats himself and walks out of the room.

Vinick's office. Vinick and Bob are still talking about the election and whether Vinick should run again. Vinick thinks that he needs to run in order to confirm, without a doubt, that moderates like him, and not the right-wing conservatives, are the real Republicans. Sheila's there, and she tells Vinick that he already won the fight for the soul of his party: "Ray Sullivan, the most popular guy in the party, is a Vinick Republican now." Except that he's anti-choice and extremely conservative. Or, in other words, exactly the opposite of Vinick. Bob and Sheila float the idea that Vinick can make Sullivan the next Republican nominee and have his legacy live on in his protégé. But Vinick doesn't want to be a king-maker. He wants to be king. And then Annie comes in, and tells Vinick that Barry called, seeking a meeting between Vinick and Santos. Vinick wonders what the hell Santos wants. Annie suggests that Santos just wants to do a post-election handshake, for a nice bi-partisan photo op. Vinick doesn't want to be Santos's prop, but Bob thinks that if Vinick doesn't go then the Santos camp will leak the invite to make Santos look bi-partisan and Vinick look like a sore loser.

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