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One Down...

Back at Klaus Haus, Damon is hanging out (sorry, again). When Stefan comes in to rescue him, Damon says, "This was much different in my head." Poor noodle. Stefan hollers out for Klaus, who enters the room with Rebekah on his tail. Stefan throws down his bag full of Son of White Oak stakes. He'll trade them for Damon. Rebekah doesn't believe the stakes are certified Son of White Oak, but then Stefan tells them about killing Finn. Rebekah reacts to this news. Klaus remains silent, so Stefan presents his deal again. He wants Damon in exchange for the eight remaining Son of White Oak stakes. Klaus wonders how he'll know there aren't any more left, and even though I know the Fellowship made twelve stakes, I totally believe Stefan when he says there aren't. Klaus is smarter than I am, though. He goes over to Damon to see if he's compellable yet. Damon struggles against the compulsion at first, but then Klaus orders him to go home. Poor Damon starts trying to pull his hands free. The trap teeth rip through them. Stefan can scarcely stand to watch. Rebekah, who has been torturing Damon for hours, is also affected. As Damon screams, we cut back to...

Mossy Manse. Caroline returns complaining about vampire disposal. Elena tells her Stefan is off trading the stakes for Damon, but they still have enough to kill three of the remaining four Originals. They just have to figure out who to save. Damon turned Caroline and Abby. Katherine turned Stefan and Damon. Rose turned Katherine. They have to figure out who turned Rose. Elena just hopes it wasn't Klaus, so that they can still kill him. It's then that Caroline points out that Klaus turned Tyler. If they kill Klaus, Tyler will die.

Sidebar: Would (or should) Tyler really die? I mean, I know the writers can make up any rules they want; I'm just trying to think which mythology makes more sense to me. Tyler was a werewolf first. Maybe just his vampireness would end, which would be great, because then he'd no longer be a sire-bound hybrid. I don't know. I just think we're jumping to a lot of conclusions, here, kids. I'm sure the writing team wants to amp up the pain though, so these conclusions will probably turn out to be correct. Speaking of amping up the pain...

Klaus Haus. Klaus finally orders poor Damon to stop trying to tear his hands free of the traps. Now that he knows Damon is compellable, he asks Damon how many Son of White Oak stakes remain. Damon tells the truth: eleven. Stefan tells Klaus he will get him the other three. Klaus flirts with the idea of compelling Damon to chew out his own tongue.

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