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One Down...

Stefan arrives and asks where Bonnie is. Caroline blahs about how Bonnie's having trouble coming to terms with Abby Abandoner abandoning her, again. She suggests they leave Bonnie out of the Fellowship of the Falls foray. Matt asks why they're there.

Damon: We found some more white oak. Long story. Wait for the movie.

Recapper: I know the timing makes this impossible, but I'm pretending you're flippancy is in acknowledgement of my hatred of this Son of White Oak business.

Elena: Hang on. The White Oak had a son?

Recapper: Yeah, see, there are these things called acorns, right...

Elena: My point is, the boys have a weapon that can kill Klaus?

Stefan: Nope. We all have a weapon. Here, let me throw my weapons bag at your feet. It's chock full of Son of White Oak stakes. I've conveniently left it open, so that I can watch y'all as your eyes grow wide and your chins hit the ground.

Caroline, Matt, Elena: Here, let us oblige you.

We cut to some city street. I'm going to pretend it's in Atlanta, because the show films in Atlanta. Klaus catches up with Finn, who informs him Esther is off researching another way to kill them, and Finn will be more than happy to help her accomplish that goal. Klaus wants Finn to come back to Mystic Falls so he can sever their death link. Finn Stealth-Salvatores away from Klaus, but damn the luck, he ends up in the exact alley where Rebekah is waiting for him. Klaus corners him and beats him up. This scene is stupid. Finn ought to be able to put up a decent fight against Klaus. They should have just used Sage to lure Finn back to Mystic Falls. I mean, what are they going to do, keep beating Finn while they're on the road? Blah.

Back in the woods, Stefan tells the kids that since the Originals are linked, they only need to kill one. Since all the members of the Fellowship of the Falls are now armed with Son of White Oak stakes, it's just a matter of seizing the opportunity to stake an Original. They run different scenarios. Damon assigns their roles: Elena plays Klaus; Caroline is Klaus bait; Matt is Rebekah bait.

Matt: How?

Damon: Just act interested. She's lonely and desperate.

Caroline: Clearly. She slept with you.

Elena's Face: I love my BFF!

I'm not going to get into their tactical details. Suffice it to say, the Salvatores have some decent plans, despite their earlier brain-dead decision to encourage Alaric to wear the ring. The point is to stay on their toes and take advantage of any chance they get. Damon lectures Elena about not having any last moments of pity for any of the Originals. She's more than ready, after what happened to Bonnie's mom. (Of course she hasn't seen that handsome devil, Elijah, lately, so it's probably easier.) Caroline's all over the plan, for Tyler's sake. Matt's in, because what choice does he have? Stefan says they have 12 stakes, which means they have 12 shots at killing one Original. They can totally do this.

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