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One Down...

Over at Klaus Haus, Rebekah has Damon chained up. She has stuck his hands in animal traps -- you know, the kind with teeth. The traps are connected to chains which are suspended from the ceiling. Rebekah is punishing him because he slept with her in order to let Sage read her thoughts. She's decided to bleed the vervain from his system. He asks if she's going to compel him to be her boyfriend. She'd rather compel him to kill Stefan or Elena. Either way, it's going to take a while, and Rebekah is clearly getting off on torturing Damon. Klaus comes in and suggests hanging Damon upside down to speed up the process. Rebekah wants to play the game her own way, and tells Klaus to go manage his witch.

Bonnie is in another room, studying the unlinking spell. Klaus threatens her, her loved ones, etc. because that's his favorite pastime. She's just not sure she's strong enough to perform it. Klaus tells her she's not trying, and then he calls Kol. Kol is in Colorado, stalking Jeremy. He sends Klaus video of Jeremy playing fetch with his new puppy.

Klaus: Isn't that just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

It's up there. Poor Bonnie. Klaus blahs something at her about the spell and we cut to Mossy Manse. Caroline finds Ric recovering on the couch. She makes a crack about his run in with "Buffy the vampire." I pretend that's a shout-out to me. She's there to check up on Alaric, in case he's not himself. He says he is. Caroline figures not-him would make the same claim and delivers some herb juice from Elena. They agree that it's revolting, but necessary.

Caroline brings up the elephant in the room. Alaric apologizes for killing her father and admits he doesn't even know what else to say. Caroline graciously confesses the murder she committed right after she turned, and even more generously adds that she liked it. She says she has blood on her hands -- they all do. Ric yeah buts her because the blood on his hands is her father's. Caroline acknowledges that, but points out that her victim must have had loved ones, too. Her point is that she knows she's no better than he.

Caroline: So, I'm going to take a page from the Elena Gilbert handbook and choose to believe that you can be saved, okay?

Alaric: Okay.

Recapper: *Weeps* Shut up, you guys. I'm a sucker for forgiveness and redemption stories.

Elena meets Stefan downtown. He reports that Finn is at the Grill, so they should take advantage of the opportunity to stake him. Elena reminds Stefan that Rebekah has Damon, so saving him needs to be their priority. Stefan wants to stick to the plan. Elena doesn't want to risk Damon's life. Stefan says Damon's head would explode if they squandered an Original-killing opportunity just to save him. Elena gets that, but she also knows that if the roles were reversed, Damon would stop everything to rescue Stefan. Stefan says he knows what Damon would want. Elena says what he'd want and what they should do are two different things. They stare each other down for a moment and then Stefan gets all, "Are you going to help me with this or not?" When Elena doesn't answer, he says he'll figure it out himself and swans off.

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