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One Down...

Klaus: You'll have to excuse the mess. Apparently Damon hurt her feelings. Go on. Help him. Save the man who turned your mother into a vampire.

Bonnie: Just get me out of here.

Recapper: I love Damon, but honey, I don't blame you one bit.

Stefan and Elena return to Mossy Manse. Caroline reports that Alaric will be okay. She gave him a bottle of herbs and he went home. No one blinks an eye because the Fellowship of the Falls fails at babysitting Alaric. Caroline asks if killing Finn killed all the Originals. Stefan says he'll need to see Klaus's dead body for himself, but if/since Originals burn up, would that even be possible? Never mind. There's no time for that.

Bonnie calls Elena, who is all girl, where've you been. Bonnie reports that Klaus has Damon. Elena says Klaus and all the Originals should be dead, since they just killed Finn. Bonnie explains Klaus forced her to do an unlinking spell. Since Stefan and Caroline are vampires, they can hear both sides of the conversation. Bonnie says Damon is still at Klaus Haus. Her voice breaks as she tells Elena it's bad and that Klaus threatened Jeremy and her "mom." Is that the first time Bonnie has called Abby Abandoner mom? I hope so. I also hope it's the last. When Elena asks Bonnie if she's okay, she cries that she doesn't know. Then she tells Elena she has to go. She hangs up the phone, slides down to the ground (she's leaning against what must be her car, outside Klaus Haus), and breaks into hard, ugly, heartbreaking sobs.

Mossy Manse. Stefan orders Elena to stay at the Manse with Caroline. He's off to kill Klaus. Elena tells him he's acting out of anger and it's going to get him and/or Damon killed. Stefan doesn't exactly say he doesn't care, but he doesn't care. Klaus doesn't get to survive this. After he storms out the door, Caroline comes around the corner and quips that she misses well-adjusted Stefan. Amen, sister.

Maladjusted Stefan comes flying back in the door, and although that's not a comment on his speed, he is moving pretty fast because Sage has literally thrown him into his house. Sheesh, these guys need to deed the house to another human. I hate that anyone can waltz in there. Caroline tries to hit Sage, but Sage smacks her to the floor. When Elena tries to run out the door, she runs into Troy (Sage's newbie vamp).

Sage kicks Stefan around a little as she tells him off, but she looks a little green (seriously). Soon, she's coughing up blood and gets a nosebleed, too. When she tries to punch Stefan, he has no problem grabbing her fist. She falls to the floor and asks Troy to help her. He goes to her side but can't really help as he starts coughing up blood, too. And then the best thing happens. They DIE! They should consider themselves lucky, because Damon is going to be hella pissed that they bled on his rug.

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