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Playing Chicken

Ryan knows something's up. Sandy prompts Frank to tell Ryan the truth, but Frank refuses to do it. Sandy kicks him out of the house, but Frank refuses to leave, saying that Ryan is his son. "Not anymore," Sandy says. YES, SANDY! YOU ARE THE FATHER! SANDY 1, FRANK 0! Sandy starts moving Frank towards the door, but Frank shoves him away and puts this really nasty growl into his voice as he tells Sandy not to touch him. He dares Sandy to hit him, even shoving Sandy backwards. And how awesome is it that they gave us a glimpse into the kind of person Frank is, or at least used to be? Just a few seconds, but it's enough to give me faith again that the writers know what they're doing and weren't going to write this former wife and child beater as the most awesome guy around. And then the look on Ryan's face when Frank uses that tone, which I'm sure he recognizes. It's pretty awesome indeed, although not as much as the moment when Sandy punches Frank in the face. Glorious! Frank recovers from the punch and growls that Sandy just made a mistake. The womenfolk stay in the doorway and chew on their knuckles. Ryan steps forward and puts himself between the men. "I'm standing right here, Frank!" Sandy says, testosterone and his eyebrows flowing. Frank starts towards Sandy, but Ryan holds him back and yells at them both to stop. The men start to cool down, and Sandy says that Frank has something to tell Ryan. Ryan says they can talk outside, and away they go. Kirsten asks Sandy what is going on, like, DUH, Kirsten. Put the fucking pieces together! Sandy says that Frank doesn't have terminal cancer after all, and his hand really hurts from that punch. Taylor goes off to get some ice while Kirsten just stands in the doorway and appears to fall asleep.

Kaitlin stops by Harbor to catch ChrisBrown at the end of the band's basketball halftime show. She congratulates him on his little prank and says he might not be so much of a geek after all. Yeah, it was really ballsy of him to not help her on the homework assignment that he wasn't getting any credit for. ChrisBrown mumbles something about respect, and Kaitlin denies caring whether or not she has ChrisBrown's respect. But she's still standing there, so apparently she cares a little bit. ChrisBrown takes this opportunity to ask her out and is flatly rejected. Ha!

... and we've missed Frank actually telling Ryan that he doesn't have cancer. That's, what, three really big scenes that have taken place off-camera in this episode? I know we're a little pressed for time since the show only has eight episodes left, but I feel a little cheated. We enter the scene as Frank's in the process of defending himself and making excuses for his behavior. He says he lied because he didn't think Ryan would agree to see him otherwise and that really, out of all the crappy things Frank has done, this is pretty low on the list. Ryan scoffs that that might not be the point Frank wants to make right now. "I want to do better. Will you help me?" Frank pleads. It's not your son's job to help you, Frank, although it is your job to help your son. Nice role-reversal there, deadbeat. The cab pulls up, and Ryan tells Frank to go. "It's too soon," he says. Frank starts to say that he's working hard to change, but Ryan cuts him off with "not for you -- for me." Yeah, see, Frank, it's not actually about you. It's about your son and what's best for him. It wasn't you then and if he says it isn't you now, then the best thing you can do for him is to beat it. And by "beat it," I mean "leave town," not "hit Dawn Atwood." Frank finally gets it. He and Ryan exchange a hilarious awkward hug and then apologize for their lack of hugging skills. Ryan tells Frank he'll call him and watches yet another person in his life who couldn't quite live up to the basic standards of human decency drive away.

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