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Back inside, Taylor is anxiously waiting for Ryan. She asks him if he's okay, and he congratulates her on making it through her first family dinner. She says the meal was "intense," but they've made it through their first "major relationship milestone." Taylor really needs to stop putting labels on everything that happens. But Ryan rolls with it, until Taylor brings up having dinner with Veronica Townsend. "No family's perfect, right?" Ryan says, teeth gritted. "Yours is pretty close," Taylor says, nodding her head towards the Cohens; "Why don't you go spend time with them?" What what what?!?! A girlfriend who actually encourages Ryan to spend time with the Cohens and doesn't demand his attention every single second? It's like a miracle!

Ryan heads for the kitchen, where he finds Sandy icing his hand. Sandy says he's used to getting into scraps, thanks to his Bronx youth, and sincerely apologizes for losing his temper with Frank. And he should. As great and satisfying as that punch was, I think the last thing Ryan needs is see his adopted father resort to the same kind of violence in a household setting that his biological one did. But Ryan says Frank deserved the punch and his father is "right here." Aww! He even volunteers to give Sandy a few fighting pointers just in case some of his "mean uncles" ever decide to drop by. Which is not a bad idea for a series finale. I'm just saying.

Julie consoles Frank, who says he would've gotten caught in his lie eventually. Yeah, like when he didn't die. What a terrible plan that was from Frank. I guess we know where Ryan gets his ideas about escaping the police by boating down to Mexico. Frank does admit that if he had spent more time with his kid then, he'd have more time with him now. And then he hands Julie some cooked books so she can continue her lucrative prostitution ring. Well, it's nice to see that prison helped Frank change. From blue collar crime to white collar crime. Maybe next time, he'll go to one of those country club prisons. Julie claims that her dabbles in the prostitution business are over, but she takes the books anyway. And then Frank and Julie kiss passionlessly.

Back at the Cohen house, Ryan, Kirsten, and Sandy are watching TV when Seth comes into the living room. He says he's going to be visiting Dr. Neil in Seattle soon, which Kirsten finds curious and Ryan finds disgusting. He shakes his head disappointedly and everything. Seth inquires as to the whereabouts of Frank, and Kirsten simply replies that Sandy punched him. "You punched a dying man?!" Seth asks. Way to be sensitive about Ryan's dad's fake illness there, Seth. Kirsten orders Seth onto the couch to join in the family time and the four of them sit there and watch a program about meerkats and joke about Sandy's hardcore Bronx gang past in a slow fade to black. This is what we love about this show. Let's hope for more of it before it all ends for good.

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