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Playing Chicken

Meanwhile, Seth is also in bed contemplating his fate. Ryan walks in and Seth tells him the big news. Ryan's reaction is an uncharacteristic eye bulge. On their way down to the kitchen, Seth reveals that he has the same feelings about marriage that Summer does -- sometime later, but not now -- but he doesn't want to tell Summer this because he thinks it would "crush" her. Ryan says they should go tell Sandy and Kirsten the good news, then. He's sure they won't think Seth and Summer are too young once they hear about that little pregnancy scare that prompted all of this.

So Seth and Summer have a long talk on a short pier. Seth's hair looks really good in this episode, by the way. Ryan and Taylor Townsend watch them from afar and compare notes. They figure as soon as Seth or Summer admits to not wanting to get married right now, this will be over. And then they realize that this is Seth and Summer they're talking about, and that will never happen. Sure enough, Summer and Seth walk over, hand in hand, and ask Ryan and Taylor to be their best man and maid of honor, respectively. I don't know whose facial expression is better: Seth's huge fake grin or Taylor's look of confusion and disgust. Taylor and Summer run off to do girly wedding stuff and Ryan and Seth stay behind and talk about how bad this is going to be.

Stock shots of the beach. Sandy and Frank "Hercules" Atwood meet at the pier.

Kirsten brings Julie some coffee from the popular coffee chain Barstucks. She also has a coffee for Frank, but he's nowhere to be found. Julie says there's something she needs to talk to Kirsten about ...

Sandy asks Frank what he's doing in Newport with a fake name working for Sandy's wife. I guess Sandy's TiVo recorded CSI, too. Frank says he wants to see his son.

Julie has already told Kirsten who Frank is off-screen (given what little Kirsten has to do on this show, cutting one of the few meaty scenes she does have seems a bit cruel), and Kirsten asks Julie how Frank became their accountant as she apparently didn't see the last episode either. Julie brings her up to speed about Frank and BULLET being friends and Frank somehow being a qualified accountant.

Sandy tells Frank that he's not particularly thrilled with the idea of reuniting Frank and Ryan. This is for everyone's sakes -- each time Ryan has a reunion with one of his family members, something bad happens. It's like lighting a match in a powder keg. A powder keg full of people with rage issues.

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