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Over at Harbor, some guy is giving a report to his class. It appears to be a foreign language class, as I can't understand anything this kid is saying. Also, the kid is played by Chris Brown, a singer I've never heard of but whose official website says he's been compared to Tevin Campbell. Yeah, good luck with that, Chris Brown. I'm really out of touch with the R and B music scene, I must admit. I haven't liked anything out of there since En Vogue broke up. I should also point out that Chris Brown joins a very exclusive club of black people who've had speaking parts on The O.C.. Congrats, ChrisBrown! Maybe you and Paul Glass can make, like, uniforms or something. Anyway, ChrisBrown finishes his French report to a smattering of applause from his class and the praise of his teacher, who should really try not to be so freaking obvious with who her favorite student is. Also, I see from the blackboard (I guess Harbor doesn't have the budget for one of those newfangled whiteboards that even my crappy public high school managed to procure) that this is actually an English class, and the reports are for The Call of the Wild. Obviously, this is a special education class. This both explains why tenth graders are reading a book that sixth graders find unchallenging and the presence of ChrisBrown, who obviously has difficulty speaking. It also explains why that teacher was so thrilled with him. It's really courageous for a kid with problems speaking to go up in front of the whole class like that and should be commended. Oh, it also explains how Kaitlin got into that class.

Kaitlin is called to the front of the room to give her oral report. On her way past ChrisBrown, she thanks him for putting her to sleep with his incomprehensible mumbles. ChrisBrown shoots her a hilarious expression that's just like "what the hell was that for? Fuck you!" while the Ward twins loudly "whisper" to each other about how Kaitlin is about to go through with some big prank she has planned. Kaitlin says that the project was to speak from the point of view of Buck, the dog in The Call of the Wild. She then proceeds to say "woof" over and over again, and we even see that she has made neat little notecards that say "woof" on them which is amazing. I love it! So does the class. The teacher isn't so thrilled and cuts Kaitlin off. The bell rings, and nice job having a student deliver an oral report like thirty seconds before the end of class there, Teach. She dismisses her class, but tells Kaitlin to stay behind. I'm assuming it's to tell her how awesome that report just was and give her the A++ she deserves.

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