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Playing Chicken

Summer visits Seth at the comic book store. "Shalom, Cohen," she Jews. She shows off all she's learned about being Jewish by shoving a pamphlet about engagement rings in Seth's face and demanding one that is "no less than two karats." Seth gives her a playful fake punch on the chin and says Summer is worth three. Summer hasn't failed yet though, as she unleashes Plan B: Pancakes. Summer leaves Pancakes in Seth's care, saying she needs to make sure her future husband will be able to take care of something "small and vulnerable." For Pancakes' sake, I hope so. Seth hates Pancakes, but goes along with it, smiling and saying he's looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with the bunny. He's also been thinking of the vows they'll be writing to each other. He was thinking of quoting Yeats or Shelley. Summer, who got into Brown University because she was so smart, doesn't know who those people are and says she'll be drawing from the words of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. "I meant what I said, I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent," she recites. Then she runs off to find where the sidewalk ends. Seth consoles Pancakes by saying he "sort of had a dog once." Does he mean Jimmy's dog? Because that thing went the way of Kaitlin's stupid pony a loooong time ago. If Seth's treatment of Dustin is anything to go by, Pancakes should be vanishing never to be heard from again except for a few meta references right about... now.

Kaitlin wanders into a band class and greets ChrisBrown with "Hey, Band Geek." The entire band looks up. Ha! Kaitlin totally gets the best jokes. She clarifies which band geek she's looking for and tells ChrisBrown to write her report for her. The only words I can make out in his mumbling response are "water polo," but apparently he said no, because Kaitlin tells him that his grade is on the line here along with hers. And here we see the folly of group projects: one person always ends up doing all the work. We also see the folly of assigning a project to an overachieving student who already finished his oral report because some girl in class likes to slack off. Kaitlin hands ChrisBrown some notecards and says she'll get them back from him before class tomorrow. Well, I don't see how this plan can go wrong for Kaitlin.

Kirsten repays Sandy's surprise visit to NewMatch yesterday with a surprise visit to his office today. She also brought lunch, all the better to convince Sandy to let her tell Ryan about Frank with. Sandy says he called Frank's prison doctor to find out if the guy has cancer or not. "That's an invasion of privacy," Kirsten protests. Yeah, well, maybe if Frank Atwood didn't beat his wife and kids before leaving them to rot in jail, Sandy wouldn't feel the need to do these things. I rarely say this (mostly because she rarely talks) but shut up, Kirsten. The importance of respecting Frank's privacy should pale in comparison to Ryan's welfare.

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