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Over at the school, Ryan and Seth hike up the stairs, with Seth pumping Ryan for the skinny on last night's thwarted face-suck. Ryan shrugs that Kirsten didn't actually interrupt much. "We haven't even had our first date yet," Ryan notes. "Last night doesn't count?" Seth asks. Not according to Ryan, it doesn't, and he adds that he and Marissa will be hitting the town that Saturday evening for their first official night out. Awkwardly changing the subject, Seth stammers, "But have before, right?" Ryan gives him A Look. "Oh," Seth splutters. "Wow. Okay, that's what I thought. I just didn't want to jump to conclusions, because my experience is somewhat limited." Ryan shoots Seth an amusing side-eye as Seth babbles on. "And?" Seth finally leads. "And what?" Ryan mildly replies. "Was it awesome?" Hee! Mere transcription does no justice to Brody's breathily eager and leering delivery of that line. "Which time?" Ryan asks casually, and poor little virginal Seth's head explodes. "Uh...I don' many times were there?" he stammers, stopping dead in his tracks. Ha! "Same girl, or different girls?" Ryan asks, and even though his expression and tone are pretty even and matter-of-fact, I get the feeling he's secretly enjoying this. "There were different girls?" Seth bleats. Aw. "How many were there?" Ryan blows out some air and exaggeratedly adds up his various sordid Chino dalliances in his head. Seth's brain entirely shuts down, and he wobbles over to a nearby railing to sit. Hee.

Meanwhile, Marissa and Summer amble through a nearby arcade. Summer's pumping Marissa for the same sort of details, and wow. Mischa Barton looks like she's old enough to be Rachel Bilson's mother. What's up with that? "Nothing happened!" Marissa insists. "What's his problem?" Summer snorts. "There is no problem," Marissa replies. "I just don't know if I'm ready yet." "But Luke already took care of that awkward, painful part," Summer reminds the audience. "And look how well that turned out," Marissa snarks. She stops walking to face Summer, and claims that she wants to take things slowly with Ryan, adding they're going on their first official date that weekend. Summer rolls her eyes and warns Marissa to prepare herself for a disaster. "What does Chino know about a date?" Summer sneers. "I mean, where he's from? They don't even have a P.F. Chang's." Heh. For those of you who haven't been following the press this show's been receiving, that line's a shout-out to the actual Chino Chamber of Commerce. Apparently, they're so worried about the beating their city's image is taking on this show, they're afraid the aforementioned restaurant chain won't open a planned branch within the Chino city limits. Too goddamned funny.

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