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The Lady Prevaricates

Over on The Harbor School's fabulous cafeteria patio with the magnificent coastline view, Anna's joined Seth and Ryan for lunch and date-planning. She's using chopsticks. Not good. "I don't know why you don't just take her to dinner and a movie," Anna notes. "It's a classic combination." True, but even the classic combination has unforeseen pitfalls. Some guy took me to dinner and a movie once on a first date. The dinner? Italian. Very nice. The movie? Natural Born Killers. Not so much. I never spoke to the creepy bastard again. Anyway, Ryan mopes through a mouthful of potato chips that he can't take Anna's advice "because someone promised [Marissa] the Best Date Ever." Seth attempts to placate Ryan with the news that he did a little reconnaissance on Ryan's behalf. "I was extremely stealth, and I spoke to Summer," he relates. This should be good. Not. By the way, at the mention of Summer's name, Anna makes a tremendous stink face and eyes her chopsticks as if she'd like to ram them up Summer's nose until they plunge into her brain and kill her. Seth -- typically oblivious to Anna's reaction -- continues, "I asked her, what would Marissa want to do on a date? What would she really enjoy? And she told me she didn't know." Heh. "How helpful," Anna snots. "But!" Seth adds with a pointed glare in Anna's direction, "Summer's favorite activities are shopping, tanning, and waxing. Maybe there's something there, man. They're best friends. Use that!" Hee. Anna bitches some more about Summer before asking Ryan what he normally does on a date. Ryan's forced to admit that he's never actually been on one. He's "hung out" with girls, if you know what he means, and I think you do, but he never actually "went out." Ryan rises to head to class, warning Seth not to make his bad situation any worse through further meddling. Anna and Seth collect their trays and walk off in the opposite direction, Seth asking what Anna thinks Summer's three favorite movies are. "Let's see," Anna smirks. "Battleship Potemkin, The Seventh Seal, and Shoah." Ha! Can you imagine Summer sitting through all nine and a half hours of Shoah? Can you imagine Summer even knowing what the word "shoah" means? Yeah, me neither. Hee. "Can we, just, like, not talk about Summer for five minutes?" Anna Valley-Girls, even though she's from the grimy depths of Pittsburgh. Seth splutters that they talk about other things all the time, like sailing and music. "Right," Anna snarks. "About how you named your boat after her, and how you made her a burned CD with all your favorite songs with the word 'summer' in them." Heh. Seth buhs and makes whining noises about the nature of friendship. Anna sighs and heads back to the cafeteria for "dessert," shooting Seth a glare over her shoulder as she goes. Seth gapes.

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