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Doppelganger Hijinks Ensue

Okay, there were enough mythology moments about blood that it's patently clear Caroline isn't dead forever -- just undead, which is is fan-fanging-tastic. But I worry about my poor Matt, and even more so, I worry about how Caroline's human inferiority complex will manifest when she faces off with Elena for her first time as a vamp. I can't wait to see Bonnie's reaction to the fruits of her labors, and I wonder how Caroline will now approach Stefan, Damon and poor, poor Liz.

Why it gets an A-: The pacing is A+ work; I dearly appreciate that the premiere picked up right where the finale left off. The plotting gets a solid A, and the mythology (particularly the ring thing) is getting a B for the nonce. Damon's inner struggle is the meat of this episode, and it puts filet mignon to shame. I'm struck by how well his dueling natures are personified in Katherine and Elena. I keep catching myself thinking about it, even when I'm not writing. Were I wearing a hat, I'd tip it in Ms. Nina Dobrev's direction, for her nuanced portrayal of these two very different characters. Sharp, sharp work and well worth the long, hot wait. Welcome back, Show!

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