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Doppelganger Hijinks Ensue

Lockwood Mansion: Liz tells Damon about Mason "Brick House" Lockwood, who is chatting up Mama Mulva. Brick House is not on the Council, he's not an ass, he's not a believer, he's just preoccupied with finding the perfect wave. Meanwhile, Tyler welcomes a black-jeggings wearing Katherine to his home. "Hey Elena, thanks for coming. Come on in." Katherine-As-Elena takes her damned sweet time crossing the threshold, savoring the moment. Commercial.

As Stefan and Elena exit the hospital, Elena mentions having to pick up Jenna and Jeremy to go by the Lockwoods' house, and then asks Stefan how he left things with her Uncle Snark Daddy. When Stefan admits to threatening John into leaving town, Elena says, "Good." I doubt she'd say the same thing if she knew her boyfriend fed his own blood to her bio-dad, but who can tell with kids these days. Stefan's off to find Damon. Elena begs him not to fight with his brother. She reminds him that Katherine's already messing with their heads and Damon isn't stable when it comes to Ms. Pierce. Stefan nods in agreement and we cut to...

Lockwood Mansion: Bonnie follows Damon to the buffet table and they wonder why the Gilbert Gizmo affected Tyler and his late father, but mostly they snark at each other. Raise your hand if you think they're so going to do it. Yeah, me too. Before they part ways, Bonnie inflicts Damon with a brief migraine, then smirks out an apology and saunters off.

She walks up to Katherine-As-Elena and starts venting about the Evil Pixie Monster. Katherine-As-Elena plays it just right, and apologizes for Damon's hateful ways. Bonnie relaxes into a smile and grasps KAE's arm, when whoosh, she's overcome with vibe-age, much like she was the first time she touched Stefan. She tries to cover her reaction and begs off in order to find Tyler and pay her respects.

Bonnie makes her way to an empty parlor and calls Elena, asking where she is. Cut to Elena, Germ and Jenna at the Gables, just getting into the car. Elena says she'll be there in five minutes and hangs up before Bonnie can say anything. After putting away her phone, Bonnie turns to find Katherine looming behind her. "We haven't officially met. I'm Katherine." Commercial.

After the break, Katherine makes it clear to Bonnie that she knows all about her, the most delicious Matt, Caroline, Elena and crew, thanks to Isobel. Bonnie tries to inflict a migraine on Katherine, but she throws it right off. "I've been around a long time, Bonnie. You're going to have to do better than that." She grabs Bonnie by the throat, shoves her against the wall, vamps out and snarls. Bonnie telekinetically throws open the parlor doors which impresses Katherine. And then, Stefan shows up and orders Katherine off. She submits and leads him through the cocktail wake, snagging a glass of wine on her way. When Matt approaches them, Katherine shows him just how good she is at mimicking Elena. Once Matt moves on, Katherine plays with Stefan's head by raving about Matt's beautiful blue eyes and taunting him about Damon kissing Her-As-Elena. When Stefan tells her to knock it off, Katherine says they shouldn't have a couple's fight in front of all his friends and invites him for a walk. Stefan just wants to know why she's there. Katherine says maybe she missed him. He wants to know her game so he'll know what rules to play by. Katherine smiles. "No rules, Stefan. Don't you remember? No rules." She walks off and beckons him to follow her outside. He does, but then brushes past her. Sneering, Katherine follows him.

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