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The Shake Up

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The Beginning Of The End

Power lines explode all around Seth and Summer.

Really bad sound effects of glass breaking abound in the Roberts mansion.

Kirsten appears to be waking up from one of her depression naps on the floor of The Pav. Sandy runs to her while The Pav totally disintegrates. Is all of Newport made of paper or something?

A big piece of something falls outside the Ice Cream Shoppe.

The Roberts house continues to explode.

A freaking traffic light falls on Seth's car.

A huge cabinet with big glass doors teeters over Ryan and Taylor.

A lamppost full of menace hangs dangerously over Seth's car.

While Seth and Summer wisely vacate the vehicle that's about to be smashed and escape harm, Ryan decides to take one for the team and get squished by furniture. I can't believe they promised us an earthquake this episode, and we had to wait until the last five minutes to get it.

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