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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

Donna is taking a practice gallop through the offices when Toby appears with Josh behind him. Donna asks if Toby is aware of the mass magician murders, and he says, "Yes," and quickly departs. Donna tells Josh, "See?" Josh says, "You're all crazy." The Prez and the Indonesian Prez pose for photographers. The Prez mentions that they're having salmon for dinner. "Yes," says the I-Prez. He goes on to mention that Yo-Yo Ma will perform after dinner. No response. He asks if the I-Prez likes salmon. "No." Oops. "Well, our mistake," says the Prez. "Yes," says the I-Prez. Maybe the I-Prez doesn't speak English very well, or he'd be chattier.

Sam is typing away on his Mac PowerBook when Toby wanders in to ask how the speech is coming along. Sam describes the opening, including praise for the I-Prez for his leadership "as Indonesia moves from an authoritarian dictatorship to a real democracy." "The beginnings of a real democracy," Toby interjects. "Let's not get carried away." Next, Toby objects to Sam's referring to Indonesia as a friend of the U.S. "I don't think we should remind people how friendly we were with dictators who oppressed their people while stealing their money." "How else are you going to steal people's money?" Sam points out. Toby says, "See, that's good -- write that in the toast." But then Sam asks, "You got something going on tonight with Josh?" Sam sounds jealous. "We gotta see a guy about a thing," Toby offers as a non-explanation. Sam offers to help, but Toby rejects him, breaking Sam's heart and sending him racing into the arms of...well, you'll see. Toby leaves, instructing Sam to toughen up the toast.

Leo enters the secret "Hey! It's That Guy!" initiation chamber full of mob -- er, teamsters. Seymour, the head management rep, looks really familiar, but I can't figure out why. Sammy, the head trucker rep, was on Magnum, P.I., and he was on MacGuyver a bunch of times, and he was in one of the coolest space battles ever on Babylon 5. Seymour says that if they raise salaries across the board, they won't be able to compete with trains and airlines and UPS. Sammy shouts, "You're full of crap, Seymour!" Leo interjects, "This is the White House, Sammy; it's not the Jersey Turnpike. Watch your mouth." "Forgive me," says Sammy, catching himself before concluding with the word "Godfather." Leo foresees apocalyptic consequences to a strike, with food rotting in warehouses while people fight over the last items on the grocery shelves. Adding, "You have until midnight," Leo leaves the room.

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