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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

C.J. strolls in wearing her gray silk gown, which is very pretty, although I don't think the long gloves were a good idea, especially since she'll have to take them off to eat. Or at least, she should. The First Lady ["played by the totally cool Stockard 'Rizzo' Channing" -- Wing Chun] calls her over, and admires her dress but complains, "Showing a little décolletage wouldn't kill you dead." Mrs. Prez apparently practices what she preaches. Mrs. Prez introduces C.J. to a group of people including a cardiologist, and pointedly tells him that C.J. is single. C.J. giggles and pulls the First Lady aside, warning her that there may be some more questions about the Vermeil from the press. Mrs. Prez says, "It's our history. Better or worse, it's our history. We're not going to lock it in the basement or brush it with a new coat of paint." C.J. says that's a good answer, and wanders off to mingle. Leo appears, and Mrs. Prez asks where her husband is and how the teamsters are doing. Leo tells her the Prez is on a call, and the teamsters are still negotiating but he's confident that they'll work it out. Mandy's back in the offices, where Donna tells her that they're waiting for word about the hurricane and Idaho. Leo pulls Sam, Toby, and Josh aside and tells them to "schmooze" some guy named Carl Everett who's raised a lot of money for them in the Midwest. Leo brings Carl over, and Carl turns out to be Sledge Hammer. Yes, I watched a lot of TV in the eighties. If only my powers could be used for good. As Leo goes to take care of something, Sledge introduces the guys to his date, "Brittany," who is none other than Laurie. D'oh

Donna tells Charlie that she found his grandparents, and they're fine. As she explains that they're about to be taken home because the hurricane shifted direction, Leo walks past them and asks C.J. what's happening. She says that the hurricane is headed out to sea, but for some reason there are a fleet of carriers in its path. D'oh again! C.J. claims that the ships can't get out of the way. Leo decides the best thing to do is go to the party, I guess figuring that's what Nero would have done. Everyone is headed for their seats while Josh finishes up a call on his cell phone. Mandy comes up to him and whines that the FBI won't return her calls. Josh says that he just heard that it's over. "They took the house. Thirty-four occupants; they're all in custody." Then he tells her that the FBI negotiator was shot, and that he's in critical condition. Mandy stares blankly as the Prez, First Lady, and the I-Prez enter. Mandy babbles a little and suddenly dashes off, explaining, "I'm gonna throw up."

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