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The State Dinner

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The State Dinner

The Prez and his wife enter an office where Mandy, Josh, Toby, Sam, Leo and the Captain are gathered around a speaker phone. Josh says that the Hickory's intercom is out, and the crew is looking for the captain on foot. The Prez asks who's on the phone now, and Leo tells him it's "the kid from the radio shack." "Jed, talk to the boy," says Mrs. Prez. The Captain turns on the speaker, and the Prez calls "Hello?" The kid identifies himself as Harold Lewis. "Son, this is President Bartlet," says you-know-who. Josh suddenly wraps his arms around Mandy. I guess hearing the President introduce himself makes him feel tingly. Harold says they're looking for the captain. The Prez asks if Harold's all right, and Harold says he hit his head, and that he's bleeding. The Prez tells Harold to get something to put on his cut, and that he'll wait. Harold comes back, and the Prez asks, "Can you tell us what's going on?" Harold says there are eighty-foot seas, one hundred and twenty knot winds, the engine room's on fire, and their running lights are out. So it's not so bad. The Prez slowly sits down, and says, "Well, I don't know, man. Sounds pretty bad, Harold. I think I'd ask for my money back." The Prez says that he'll stay there as long as the radio works. Nice of him to imply that the radio will stop working soon. Way to calm the kid down, Prez. As we fade to black, the President says, "Hang on."

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