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School's Out For Summer

It's water polo time at Harbor! Kaitlin stops by and says hello to the Cute Ward, who's just hopping out of the pool for no reason other than to run into her. And show us his speedo-clad body. I have no objections to this. She says she's trying to fit into the school scene and takes a seat in the bleachers. Two girls sitting behind her spring to life and loudly debate whether or not they should ask Kaitlin something until Kaitlin just turns around and says, "do you bitches have a problem?" Way to make friends, Kaitlin. But the girls do not take offense to Kaitlin's name-calling and ask her if she's friends with the Cute Ward and can she put in a good word for them? When will Kaitlin realize that the Cute Ward is really hot? He'd be a great boyfriend. The girls finally introduce themselves as Olivia and Lea, and Kaitlin asks them if anyone would care if she smoked a joint behind the bleachers. Oh, someone wants attention! And she gets it, as the girls gasp and exclaim that smoking pot is totally illegal. But Kaitlin's moment in the sun is soon rained upon when Designated Evil Popularity Princess Riley steps up and demands that the girls stop cheering her water polo player boyfriend, Connor, on and get home to make invitations to Riley's party for her. Riley walks off, and Kaitlin asks Olivia and Lea why they let Riley treat them like that. They say that Riley's sweet sixteen party has a pimps and hoes theme (classy!) and the only way they can get an invite is if they help her with the invitations. "Everyone who's anyone at this school is going to that party," Olivia says. Do teenagers actually talk like this? The high school I went to certainly didn't have such an obvious and strict social hierarchy. It was a public school, though.

Ryan calls Seth, who's just getting into Providence. He hasn't seen Summer yet, but he's on his way to her dorm with a special all-night finals study package: Dunkin' Donuts coffee and "some reasonably-priced meth from this homeless guy." Watch out, The O.C.! It turns out that people don't like it when you make fun of homeless people. Plus, everyone knows that homeless people smoke crack, not meth. Not all homeless people are druggies, though! Some have just had some hard times and slipped through the cracks and things are hard enough for them without being made fun of as well. Anyway, Seth remembers that Ryan had a problem this morning and asks him about it, but Ryan just says things are "weird," and about to get "weirder," but he won't give Seth the details. Not that Seth really cares.

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